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  1. Dear All, Thank u VERY VERY much for helping me with this problem... it was indeed my internet connection. my computer is part of an router home network (hardline) and so SL did not have a continuous conecction.. to bad.. that means every time i want to go into SL i have to dis connect myself from the network ( and the others from internet) so i can plug the direct internet connection onto my system.. but all well... Thank u ALL!!
  2. Hello All, i have a problem.. every time i log into SL it either crashes, logs me out (by it's self) while loading or it does the same while i'm teleporting. i get the message: Darn you are logged out blablablabla... or/and it wil open a box which says: apperently SL hase crashed blablablabla... i have done the welcome bay 6 times already and i'm getting pritty tired of it... also the one time i was able to teleport somewhere i fell thru the ground and kept on walking and seconds later... u guest it, it crashed..! my computer 3.0Ghz AMD Dual Core 2 GB corsair vista 32 bit 2x 512Mb ATi EAH3870 Can anyone help me?? thank u!!
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