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  1. Since the esteemed CEO of LL very rarely reads or responds to anything posted here be sure to Tweet him as well. Maybe if enough merchants take similar action some changes will be made.
  2. Let's get real here guys. Rod going off to Twitter, SLU, or wherever isn't "refreshing" or forward thinking. It's a cowardly dodge. As someone else pointed out it's a way to appear to communicate with us while not actually doing so. If he was sincere he'd be on AN OFFICIAL LL COMMUNICATION PLATFORM answering questions and concerns, letting us know how this current MP mess is being addressed and assuring everyone that measures were being put in place to ensure that a fiasco like this would not happen again. Unless and until I see him use official Linden Lab corporate marcom properties to give us regular, non-trivial information I'm not going to be convinced that he's doing anything other than making a cheap PR play.
  3. Ceka Cianci wrote: Oo i guess we can't have cute lil popcorn eating GIF's in the forums anymore.. but flat out naming and shaming is just A.O.K. Good point Ceka. I guess the LL moderators don't care if someone's making provably false and inflammatory statements about TPV devs. Or maybe it's just that no one's RIC'ed this nonsense yet.
  4. Pamela Galli wrote I saw a link in another forum, to a thread in SL Universe, where someone who either is or is impersonating Rodvik hangs out and chats. It's not a fake. He's posted on SLU numerous times in the past rather than communicating with us here.
  5. Ignorant fearmongering and unsupported allegations on the part of the OP. Nothing to see here folks, move along. P.S. If I were the OP I'd be very careful of tossing around unfounded statements such as these. Borders on being legally actionable, if you know what I mean. Oh, and I'm sure that not one single account was ever hacked before LL open sourced the viewer code. :roll eyes:
  6. Dartagan Shepherd wrote: Rod is the thunder. He sires children with a mere wink. He is the stick in the woodshed. Rod is the one that understands that employees only need to do their 40 and what they said they can do on their resume and that customers pay the bills. He understands that when bill-paying customers are happy, they tell more people. Rod is the one that crushes buggy coal in his bare hands and produces enterprise level diamonds. Rod's pair cannot fit on the largest of land baron estates. Rod can do this. And yet he can't even manage to post this timely info on his company's official website? Sorry but, if we have to rely on other residents pulling Rod's communication from third party sites like Twitter rather a LL web property I'm not going to nominate the guy for sainthood.
  7. I'm going with Freya here. I've seen some of these group tags but, they're not widespread. Even if they were, so what? I've never felt any pressure to verify a damned thing to anyone. When voice debuted I didn't feel pressure to use it just because I saw lots of people walking around with little dots above their avatar heads. You're proceeding from a false assumption, OP. These totally voluntary groups aren't pressuring anyone to do anything. In SL you still have the freedom to present yourself as you see fit and associate with (or not) whom you choose.
  8. You have to remove the items from the box first. After putting the box down in your house right click and choose Open, then you should see a choice to Copy to Inventory. Pick this. The items in the box will be placed into your inventory (either into a folder with the name of the items or whatever the creator decided, or into your Objects folder). Once the items are in your inventory you can drag them onto the ground and move them into place where you like. This Knowledgebase Article also explains how to open boxed content. Good luck!
  9. Even Genesis wrote: I'm selling my stuff boxed. I'd rather get everything boxed. The folders cause so much clutter and like some people said everyone could always grab a fresh copy from the box instead of breaking original items if they didn't bother to make a copy before. Educating the newbs is the best option i think, like when we start we get all those instructions about how to walk, how to fly, mouselook etc. Opening boxes was never a problem for me 'cus I figured out I could just attach the box like a newb, open the box on edit mode on the contents tab. And then drag and drop the contents to my inventory (works to me if the items are COPY!), even if you can't rez on the land. Emphasis added by me. Indeed! Instead of devising better systems for educating new people the CEO decides to make SL more "simple" and so the DD system is born; a one size fits all solution that frustrates merchants and older residents and has pretty much broken the Marketplace.
  10. Darrius is correct. Any viewer can receive DD items but as of now only the latest LL viewer and Firestorm 4 allow merchants to actually upload to MP. There is no Merchant Outbox folder available (yet) in Cool VL but, I'm sure Henri Beauchamp is working on it. Sorry I didn't understand what you were asking Mickey, my mistake.
  11. Yep it worked just fine Mickey. The Received Items folder is just a normal folder as far as I can tell. It just doesn't appear for TPVs until you actually get something delivered to it. Once I ordered the free DD gift Linden bear the folder appeared as expected. No muss, no fuss, no LL viewer needed. I haven't used Snowglobe in a while but, since Cool VL, Phoenix, Imprudence, etc. are based on Snowglobe 1.5 with the V2/3 rendering guts grafted on, I suspect it would work.
  12. It would be nice if the Lab would follow through on this. Either iterate regularly on the whole premium gift idea or drop it but, let us know one way or another! This months of silence routine is getting really tedious. And some wonder why so many of us have gotten so cynical and mistrustful of anything the Lab says or does. Here's a prime example.
  13. Glad to know that this isn't just me seeing this issue. Like Ceera I'm also getting great frame rates and smooth movement otherwise but, my flex tail stutters and generally looks horrible when it animates. I'm using a TPV so, whatever's going wrong isn't confined to LL's viewers.
  14. I'm using Cool VL which isn't V2 based and it likewise didn't have the new DD Received Items folder until I made a MP DD purchase of the free Linden Bear. Then the folder appeared. I suspect the OP would find the same thing in Singularity. Just buy the free Linden Bear and voila, the folder should appear. No need to switch to a different viewer.
  15. It would be nice if the Lab would actually communicate regularly with us but. with the exception of this interview, they seem to be going in the opposite direction. Over the past several months they've canceled most of the User Group meetings, the CEO prefers making announcements via Twitter or other third party sites and even formerly active forum posters like Torley Linden have fallen silent. I'm not holding my breath for any of this to change but, I too will cross my fingers that all of LL's management will one day view us as valued customers and not as "whackadoodles" to be endured.
  16. Complaining about complaining is always productive. :smileyindifferent: I have spent thousands of RL $ in SL since 2006 so, as a Premium account holder/landowner, if I see something that I don't like and want changed I say so. That's my prerogative as a customer of LL. Maybe you think that everyone should just be grateful for whatever shoddy service the Lab feels like providing? How will the powers that be ever know's wrong if we don't speak up? If you have such a problem with it and like living in the land of sunshine and lollipops where everything is just dandy in SL, maybe you should take your own advice. Either ignore everything you see as "negative" or find something else to do/somewhere else to go. P.S. You've apparently not visited many online game forums. The WoW, Eve Online and SWTOR forums are all a hell of a lot rougher than these.
  17. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Deej Kasshiki wrote: It seems to me that LL should be coming up with ways to encourage people to log in and, oh I dunno, spend more time inworld, rather than more FaceTwit-style stuff that encourages the opposite. But u can hunt for jems or sumptin. Then if you find some u can feed that to ur friends & post some photos. I'm sure it's all sposed to build on itself. Hahahahaha. nice Kwal. I see what you did there.:smileywink:
  18. Cute as a proof of concept area for their new experience tools but, they struck me as being better suited as areas to teach new players how to interact with the world rather than a value add or enticement to go Premium. Come on LL give us long-time Premium members something that really makes the money we spend with you worth it. Sub par tech support, free furniture and these wilderness sims ain't it.
  19. It seems to me that LL should be coming up with ways to encourage people to log in and, oh I dunno, spend more time inworld, rather than more FaceTwit-style stuff that encourages the opposite.
  20. So these new areas don't explain anything of the basics of moving, interacting with objects, inventory, etc but instead presents these poor unprepared noobs with insta TPs to random places? How the heck is that helpful?
  21. How about they update the default avatar mesh first? Have you seen how horrible the upper body, crotch, buttocks and feet look? Not to mention that valley in the middle of the ladies' chests. These areas in particular need some serious love. A fundamental update of the avatar mesh, along with fixing other basics like teleports, group chat, border crossings, etc. should be taken on before the OP's suggestions, IMO.
  22. Pamela Galli wrote: In my experience, "Make a JIRA" is the new "Make a ticket." Exactly. They might as well be honest and say, "We don't have a clue what's wrong or how to fix it so, fill out a form that will make you feel like a little better because you've taken some action. Nothing will likely come of it but, thanks for playing along." Also, I find the whole JIRA system to be about as easy as trying to parallel park a bus with no mirrors and all the windows painted over. It's FAR from user-friendly and there's no way the average person is going to wade through that maze just to have it sit in the system indefinitely with no action taken.
  23. No reason to get mad. Search is your friend. Also remember that none of us here (as far as I know) are engineers for Nvidia or ATI. How are we supposed to know the exact framerate you can expect? SL is NOT LIKE ANY OTHER MMO out there. All the 3-D objects are created by amateurs, not professional 3-D artists and they're not optimized to run on the lowest common hardware. Just because you can play BF3 with ok performance doesn't mean you can run SL for this reason. If you'd done a search you'd have found this answer. Don't shoot the messenger.
  24. Forget Ultra. You may be able to get low teens with low settings and single digits on medium if the area's not very crowded. Again, do a search and read the comments others have made about using weak laptop graphics to run SL. Not a good idea, really.
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