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  1. You can actually keep using Adblock but, you need to go into the filter preferences>filter subscriptions and uncheck the box at the bottom of the window that says 'Allow some non-intrusive advertising'. Once I did this and refreshed the page all the SL websites returned as normal (and with no spam ads).
  2. I was having this problem until I remembered a post from another thread about Adblocker +. In the Adblocker filter preferences click the filter subscriptions tab. At the bottom of the window, uncheck the box 'allow some non-intrusive advertising'. Then refresh the page and you'll be able to see the various SL pages again as normal. Once I did this everything was fine again.
  3. Strange. I'm using Firefox and Ad Blocker + (2.2.4) and not seeing any odd behavior or anything unusual with the SL forums, main web page or Marketplace. I don't see the goofy ads nor am I seeing anything different with the formatting on those pages. I have no idea why some are having problems while others aren't. A big raspberry to AB+ for taking Google's bribe, by the way. :matte-motes-frown:
  4. Despite the Lab's always talking about "the shared SL experience", there is in fact no way to ensure that two people (even if using the exact same hardware and viewer) will ever see the exact same thing. As long as there are graphics and performance settings that can be user adjusted, not to mention the variety of different computers, viewers, monitors, etc, the chances of having your av look exactly the same as what you're seeing is kind of low. I think the solution is to just make your av look the way you like. In the final analysys that's what matters the most anyway. :matte-motes-smitten:
  5. Ok, you're definitely not a bot so, my apologies. Right now the very best GPU Nvidia makes is the Titan. Several companies make a card based on it. (Personally, I'd go with the EVGA brand Titan) If you give me a yell in world or send me a notecard I'll be happy to chat with you.
  6. Thanks for the cool picture and the wishes, Susperia. Hope you're getting to enjoy the holiday if you're in the U.S.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing that Ceka said. You would see the same effect on a TV that could be switched between standard def mode (uses the old 4:3 height to width ratio) vs high def mode (16:9 or 16:10). When I first got my HD TV I saw the same thing you're seeing now; people looked shorter and thicker in SD but, when switched to HD the people magically lost weight and got taller. :smileysurprised: I guess along with your new computer you also get to build a "new" you!
  8. My nose smells a troll... Someone who seems to have enough knowledge to be building a very high-end system (complete with a $1000 state of the art Nvidia Titan GPU), specifies certain parameters for parts and yet, comes off as a helpless newbie seeking advice. Something doesn't pass the smell test here. If you're a real person asking for advice and not a troll or bot, my apologies but, this seems very odd to me.
  9. I don't have any of the issues you're seeing and I've been using Cool VL for over 2 years now. I agree with Coby that what you're seeing is due to the onboard graphics. SL is known for not playing well with integrated graphics chipsets. I'd bet that your issues will disappear once your "real" GPU arrives (I hope it's an Nvidia card as AMD's drivers seem to consistently have issues with SL's OpenGL graphics foundation). Good luck and enjoy your new computer! Once you get over this bump I think you'll LOVE Cool VL and your new SL experience.
  10. You say you don't care and yet every time someone speaks about a TPV, you appear like Beetlejuice to "defend" the LL viewers and/or disparage TPVs. I think you doth protest too much Susperia. Also, by "marketplace" I meant the general SL population (as in marketplace of ideas not, Marketplace the website). My point is still valid; by LL's own figures. The LL viewer ranks 3rd or 4th in overall usage numbers. (Although the Lab has now stopped sharing these figures, there's no reason to believe that they've suddenly reversed. If their viewer had jumped in usage you can believe that they would be talking about it) Attack the messenger all you like, the message remains valid.
  11. Qie hit it on the head. The Lab isn't very good at updating their GPU table file for newer hardware and so your viewer defaults to using some generic settings for another GPU. I'd imagine that this is at the root of your issue. Also, I'm jealous that you're running a GTX 780. Hahaha. :smileywink:
  12. Oh just give up Susperia. The marketplace has voted and most prefer to use a TPV rather than the Lab's craptastic offerings. Why do you deride choice? Yeah, I know it was the Lab's original code that made TPVs possible. But, you always grossly minimize the amount of code that the TPV developers have returned to the Lab, and thus, the entire SL community. From fixing of longstanding bugs to complete features (like the mesh deformer or RLV) TPV developers have helped to advance the state of viewer technology in many substantive ways. By your logic the entire auto industry should be beholden to Gottlieb Daimler and his original design and totally forget the contributions made by other companies to the advancement of automotive technologies since then.
  13. I've used a cam HUD for ages and it's amazing the difference it makes when compared to the horribad default cam position. Thanks to Penny and everyone else for spreading the word.
  14. Meh, whatever. As long as Henri Beauchamp keeps updating CoolVL with all the latest and greatest it's all good.
  15. As far as I know the max draw distance hasn't changed, it's still around 512. But, if someone has disabled camera constraints in the viewer's advanced menu or advanced preferences, they're able to see much farther. I don't know what the upper limit is but I know that it's easily possible to view objects on another sim this way.
  16. Haters gonna hate. TPVs are here to stay. They're more popular than LL viewers for a variety of reasons. LL will not alienate a huge portion of its playerbase by doing away with TPVs. OP should accept these facts and move on.
  17. Ah, Torley's intro video to the "new and improved" CHUI. I watched it when it was released and learned that it was the most convoluted, messy way they could have created to deal with text chat. I went back and watched it again and I still don't see any way to have a single line text entry bar as the OP wants. How this could be considered an "upgrade" is beyond me. Thankfully, I haven't used a Linden viewer in years and if they keep coming up with "features" like the CHUI I doubt I ever will again.
  18. There are many gadgets that allow one avatar to type something into local chat that makes the text appear to come from a different avatar. You can always tell that these aren't legit because their text appears in a different color (the same color as notices sent from a scripted object--the default green if you haven't changed it in your viewer).
  19. I'm really looking forward to this. Your previous works were very entertaining and well done.
  20. Not sure if serious... :matte-motes-confused: Nah, this smells like a troll to me.
  21. He was rude, narrowminded, tedious, ignorant, confrontational and an altogether unpleasant whackjob. His only semi-redeeming quality was the bit of humor he provided via the cat and mouse game between himself and the forum moderators when he'd create alt after alt in order to get around the numerous bans. I most certainly don't miss the guy.
  22. I really don't agree with the concept of paying a company in perpetuity and having to be connected to the internet in order to use their software. I understand that software developers are really in the annuity business but, to force your customers into a (more costly in the long term) monthly subscription model just feels like a sleazy cash grab. I know Adobe has a serious case of Microsoft envy but, this is taking things a bit too far!
  23. Just have fun, be yourself, try not to get sucked into flame wars and post on things you have some feeling about/passion for/knowledge about.
  24. Sounds more like a network issue to me as my MacBook Pro (which has a discreet graphics card in addition to the crappy Intel integrated chip, by the way) runs SL acceptably using a TPV. I'd start investigating your issues there as SL is a notorious bandwidth hog and if you are indeed being throttled, well...there's your answer.
  25. If build were enabled in every Linden water sim they'd all soon be full of prim litter or griefer objects. Pretty simple.
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