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  1. The UI for V2 was a horrid mishmash of dark colored elements designed to make it look and feel like a web browser, not a window into a 3-D virtual world. It was unintuitive, inflexible, and terribly inefficient to use. I was so turned off by it (after giving it several fair chances) that I uninstalled the mess, went to a TPV and never looked back. To this day I don't care what gee-whiz neato super cool features LL stuffs into their latest viewer I'll never go back. While LL has attempted to make the V3 version more usable, it's still got many of the original V2 UI concepts (and introduced new weirdness like the CHUI) that for me it's just too much of a hassle to deal with. If the Lab hadn't allowed TPVs and forced me to use their viewers I'd have dumped SL long ago. I wouldn't have been the only one either.
  2. The OP might want to consider simply starting his own RP group if the one he's currently part of isn't to his satisfaction. That seems a far more productive use of his limited time logged in, in this Fennec's opinion anyway.
  3. OMG, what a load of crap! I probably shouldn't even bother replying since this is most likely just a clumsy trolling attempt but, just in case the OP is simply ignorant as to how SL works and not being malicious... a couple of points: First (and this always bugs the heck out of me as well), the company that develops SL is Linden Research Inc., aka Linden Lab. Singular. Not plural. When you make wild accusations against LL, backed by "insider information" from a supposed Lab employee, please at least have the courtesy to get the name of the company your "source" works for correct! Second, what your "soource" allegedly proposed isn't even technically possible. The asset servers can't tell the difference between a furry's tail and a human's belt that could use the same attachment point. Without this vital ability there's no way for this bizarre plot to ever get off the ground. Third, Project Sunshine only deals with the baking of textures on the avatar. Nothing else. The rendering of textures has absolutely nothing to do with how inventory items are retrieved from the database servers (your inventory) and attached to your avatar (via the asset servers). In closing, I call bull... um, shenanigans.
  4. Pat Robertson is an ultra-conservative, bigoted, ignorant, hate-filled old man who thinks his pronouncements are relevant. Who cares what that idiot has to say? Also, it's best to remember that people like him represent only one (very narrow, IMO) branch of believers. He certainly doesn't speak for me or anyone I know.
  5. That voxel tech sounds like one hell of a stretch, graphics-wise, for the capabilities of mobile devices, even if using distributed computing as Philip envisions. It's all very intriguing though. I really hope they can pull it off. Oh, and is that Torley's voice in those audio clips that play for each team member?
  6. While it seems the site has been unavailable or throwing more error messages than normal, I don't think it has anything to do with the spambots but, with the overall unreliability/instability that my.secondlife.com has been prone to for quite a while (and possibly some of the recent updates made to other LL owned websites as well).
  7. You mean the wide mouthed "fish face" look? Yeah, that's only an SL thing, thank goodness!
  8. Maybe this is all by design. If the Lab continues to let the spambots run wild the human forum users (those who haven't already left in disgust) will simply give up and go elsewhere, giving the Lab the perfect excuse to shut down this unloved afterthought.
  9. Yep, it's pretty ridiculous that out of all the forums I know of this is the only one that seems to have no (effective) filtering to deal with the daily innundation of spam. I started this thread before I went to bed and I wake up to see yet more callgirl spam. Unbelievable.
  10. Sounds like the problem I was having with AdBlocker Plus a few days back. If you are using AdBlocker you can get things back to normal by clicking on the AdBlocker icon, choosing Filter Preferences and unchecking the box labeled 'Allow some non-intrusive advertising'. Refresh the page and you should see everything again.
  11. Two pages of crap in GD so far and no signs of it stopping! Yikes. :smileysurprised: And now we return you to your daily, regularly scheduled dose of Mumbai call girl/escort spammage.
  12. I'm kind of glad that people can look at my profile and see that I joined SL in 2006. It means that when I answer a newer resident's questions about SL they can be confident that I've been around long enough to have gained a bit of experience and likely know what I'm talking about. If I were a merchant I'd want my age to be visible to inspire a degree of confidence and trust; to show that I was a long term "investor" in the community and not some fly by night anonymous character out to make a quick buck and leave. As to your feelings about getting called an alt, well, that can and does happen with older residents as well. Anyone can be accused of being an alt and age doesn't necessarily have anything to do with people drawing that conclusion (although I will grant you that age can be a major factor in some peoples' minds). Besides, those of us who've been around a while can make pretty accurate educated guesses about a resident's age by their last name (or lack thereof) and make assumptions based on that. In the end your proposal wouldn't have the effect you desire. Just chalk the accusations up to ignorance (or paranoia) and ignore them. Why does it matter so much to you what some anonymous person on the internet in a virtual world thinks of you anyway? Goodness knows that if I was concerned about the assumptions people make about me because I have an anthropomorphic avatar I'd have run away crying and screaming years ago.
  13. My condolences on your recent partial loss.
  14. To the OP: capitalization, punctuation, organization of thoughts and spelling are your friends.
  15. CHUI should be renamed 'phooey'. Thank goodness for TPVs with a usable, logical interface.
  16. I seriously don't get why all the hype over this. As an American I'm especially puzzled as to why this non-story is dominating our headlines as well. Well, actually I do. In this age of "infotainment" stuff like this is being force fed to the masses to keep us distracted from the real problems that we should be discussing. You get better TV ratings, sell more magazines and get more website hits with happy fluff than dismal reality. Oops, sorry to be the dark cloud raining on the baby watch parade.
  17. The Kinzart wolves are very popular (my other av is a gray Kinzart wolf) and come in several different colors. Dark Spot Designs also does a very nice wolf. (The fennec fox you see in my profile pic is a Dark Spot avatar) They both come with HUDs for changing things like eye color, tail position, mouth position, etc. I highly recommend them both. If your taste leans more towards a werewolf, try the 1st Act line. They're very good looking.There are also lots of body part mods for all three of these avatar brands so that you can customize to suit your tastes. As for clothing and accessories I'd recommend doing a search for Furry Fashion mall and starting there. Standalone shops like Derp and Apricot Paws also have nice selections. Keep in mind though that you don't have to limit yourself to clothes designed specially for furs. Most of the time I just wear standard human clothing and modify it, if needed. To get a feel for what's available just visit at some of the popular furry hangout spots and when you see something you like, ask the person where they got it. Good luck and welcome!
  18. I'm not especially a fan of mesh either because it can't be modified. I've tried a couple of pieces and am pretty "meh" about it. I have all the "big ticket" items (house, furniture, vehicles, etc.) that I need. Most of what I buy now is clothing and most of the mesh items, even the stuff that comes in multiple sizes, don't seem to be made with smaller avatars in mind (my normal av is 5'9" and not overly muscled). Since it can't be modded (and I don't want to be constantly adjusting my shape) that means using silly alphas to hide my body. Those don't always work, especially for furries. I just bought some tank tops the other day from an established designer and the alphas have very noticeable gaps between the mesh and the non-alpha covered parts of my avatar. Looks really bad. There are a lot of problems with the way mesh is done in SL and I'm definitely not a fan but, for the most part I just ignore it all and go about my business. If that deformer project ever gets off the ground maybe I'll take another look.
  19. Alone on an island, I tossed a note into the ocean to see what would happen...
  20. Holy crap no need to get all patronizing and insulting Orca. I just made a simple request. (And yes, I am American, no need to start bashing the U.S. as well) I think YOU'RE the one being super-sensitive here, not me. Your "advice" might get taken more seriously and constructively if you'd take that massive chip off your shoulder. Also, please show me where I posted anything that wasn't the truth? Linux is more geared towards the technically advanced user and you know it. Most of the clients I work with in my IT business (yes, I'm in the IT industry and have been since the late 1980s) have problems double clicking and following the onscreen instructions of a simple installer but you expect these same people to figure out how to choose a Linux distro, find a secure source to download it, install it, optimize it and/or configure it to work with their particular hardware, troubleshoot, etc? Yeah, sure. You seriously need to relax. You like Linux, fine. Enjoy. But you don't need to jump into every thread where someone says that they're thinking about buying a Mac or are currently using one and start bashing Apple.
  21. Orca and others please stop with the Mac bashing. I get that you're a Linux person but, not everyone wants to build their own box and tinker constantly with open source software. It's just not for everyone.
  22. Looks like some kind of art piece. Yeah, let's just go with that. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  23. Meandyou, in addition to your reply being rude and totally non-constructive it also links to a post in the Merchants section that has absolutely nothing to do with the problem being discussed. Perhaps you should practice the old adage "if you have nothing good to say, best to say nothing". Pamela if you'd like to give Singularity a try you can download the Mac version here. I may be giving that a shot as well since I haven't updated Firestorm to a newer SSA capable version. (I'm hoping the Nvidia card in my MacBook Pro will continue playing nice with Firestorm)
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