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  1. What you're saying makes a lot of sense Fender. It's the only thing that makes any sense as a matter of fact.

    To all my fellow residents; to those who believed in the whole Your World, Your Imagination hype, those of us who built up SL to what it is currently LL is telling us loud and clear that we're no longer valued, no longer needed or wanted. It doesn't matter whether you've been here 5 years like me or are a Charter Member from 2003 you are not part of the new target demographic of Facebook/Twitter/flavor of the month social networking/invasion of privacy  website users and your needs, your wishes or opinions do not matter.

    It's been a fun ride for the most part but I see the writing on the wall in large letters; your kind no longer welcome here. Of course no one from the Lab will ever say this in public, but I wish that just for once someone would tell us the truth. If my money is no longer welcome here tell me and I'll gladly delete my av and move on.

    How about it Rod, Fredrik, anyone on the Board? You got the guts to shoot straight with us old timers?

    Linden Lab's New CEO

    After nearly 5 years of seeing poor decision, after poor decision by LL, the technology slowly falling behind, the grid getting more wobbly and the only constant being the Board of Directors and VC types, I have little confidence that any CEO will be allowed the latitude to make the changes needed to put SL back on track but, here's hoping.

    Welcome aboard Mr. Humble and all the best to you. Not to put too much pressure on you but, you may be about the last hope for this virtual world. Users, even the most loyal and "addicted" long-timers like me, will only take so much before giving up in frustration and moving on.

  2. Forget it Shockwave, you'll never convince the Linden Cheerleading Squad and Glee Club that there are problems in paradise. V2 is perfect, the grid is lag-free, LL management's decisions have been good for the majority of investors and residents bringing increased growth and profits for all.

    LL gets away with the crap they do because, for now, they're the best game in town and know that we really have no choice other than to leave. I'm sincerely hoping that some of the competition matures quickly so that we will have a choice soon.

    Oh and on-topic, I can't comment on 2.4 because it crashes my MacBook Pro at startup. I won't install it on my Windows box because I have a nicely working Snowglobe 1.4 there and I don't want that environment polluted with bad betaware.

  3. I'm not even going to bother downloading this mess considering the showstopping problems of the Mac viewer. How could you release a viewer in this state?

    It's also annoying to now have these odd names popping up on the Dashboard friends list and having no clue who they are. Can we at least get BOTH NAMES displayed there so we don't have to go all Sherlock Holmes to figure out who's who?

  4. No standard Edit menu, takes twice the number of steps that it should to do a simple copy/paste, a half-baked feature (display names) that requires goofy workarounds like this sure spells "fast, easy, fun" in my book LL. Way to go!

    I'm feeling increasingly less like dealing with SL and all it's glitches on top of the Lab's boneheaded direction with each passing day.

  5. Totally agreed.

    The display name system places an extra onus of authentication on each and every one of us. Where before all we had to do was quickly glance at the name above an av's head, we now need to make sure certain viewer preference settings are correct, be able to hover the cursor over the person, or look up their profile, or do a search (oh yeah, how's search working in V2, btw?), or wade through the log files that will be in the new LLSD format (not plain text) which isn't very human readable, etc.

    Fast, easy, fun indeed.

  6. You seem to place a lot of faith in the average person's ability/desire to actually read and comprehend directions. I work in IT and know that people just don't read them. Witness for yourself how many people in this very blog are complaining that this new "feature" isn't working for them when it was clearly stated that display names will initially only be enabled on selected sims (with those sims named).

    Also keep in mind that the average new user to SL will have no idea about any of this and will probably not be aware of Torley's vids, the SL wiki, KB, this blog, the forums, etc. For that matter many current residents have no idea about these self-help resources (never mind that they all could be made a hell of a lot easier to use).

    We'll see how it goes but, I have an idea that the potential problems that you brush aside will be greater than you think.

    Glad that I'm not using V2 and won't see any of this nonsense until forced to switch from (the very reliable and sadly now deceased) Snowglobe. Maybe by the time LL pulls the plug on the 1.x series there will be a usable 2.x TPV.

  7. Anti-aliasing totally broken  on the Mac version, horrid performance (half the FPS when moving around as Snowglobe 1.4 on the same 2010 model MacBook Pro), a half-assed solution to the sidebar, same dark eyestrain and claustrophobia inducing look and feel, text chat/IM/notifications are still handled terribly. V2.2 is still a no-go for me.

    Please don't deprecate the 1.x series viewers until you get this mess usable. Please.

    Farewell, Avatars United

    As someone who's an SL resident as well as an Eve Online player I have to say that this is a very bad move PR-wise and a slap in the face to all those from other MMOs who had no connection to SL. I'm just glad that I didn't talk AU up to all my Eve buddies or they'd be hunting me down and blowing me up by now.

    Just curious LL; how many times do you think you can announce some new shiny initiative, roll it out half baked, let it languish, then ultimately shut it down before people no longer take anything you announce seriously? Once bitten twice shy as the old saying goes...

  8. Tried the beta and I have to say there are still major issues for me.

    Deal Breaker

    • The way chat/IMs are handled. Why the need to have each item appear in a separate little black box rather than the 1.x series scrolling console style? Why force me to look at both sides of my screen by having chat and IMs/notifications separated like this?

    Major annoyances

    • Worse performance than the 1.x series (on both my 3 month old MacBook Pro and 3 year old XP gaming desktop). HUGE drop in fps when panning the cam or moving.
    • Sidebar still can't be disabled or moved.
    • Detached sidebar windows should behave as they did in the 1.x series; once torn off the sidebar we should be able to completely close them, not simply minimize them.
    • Low contrast color scheme. Grey text on a dark background is difficult to read. When combined with the font it becomes very difficult to read.
    • System inventory folders are always sorted ahead of user created folders.
    • Thanks for breaking AA...

    A bit closer but still no go for me.

  9. Under this new regimen of releases and in light of the whole Snowstorm project, where does this leave the  Snowglobe viewers? I'm assuming they're going away since contributed changes no longer need to go through Snowglobe first, but I use Snowglobe 1.4 as my daily viewer and I'm not ready to give it up yet. (V2 still performs horribly on my MacBook Pro and I can't deal with the way text chat is handled either)

  10. Yet another in a string of missteps, questionable decisions and apparent lack of a coherent strategy by the Lab.

    I hope all the managers at LL realize that each time you burn us with one of these ill-conceived, then neglected, then ultimately discarded plans we're far less likely to believe that you can actually execute anything successfully, much less want to invest precious time, money or resources in them. It gives me no pleasure to say this but, increasingly you're looking like the Bad News Bears without the quirky, loveable parts.

    Good luck with getting your technology acquisition integrated into SL. Based on your track record over the time I've been a resident I certainly won't be expecting much of anything to come of it.

    By the way, nice spin there Thor.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    It's very nice of the new technology at any cost camp to belittle those who have concerns and/or don't use 3-D animation/CAD/Architecture applications. Thanks for the respect guys.

    I have to agree with Ann's point here; this will be a boon for those in SL who have the skill set (and the finances) to work with 3DS, Maya or the free (but complex) Blender. Current builders who've been honing their skills for years using the in-world tools will either have to get up to speed on this very high-end software or eventually fall to the wayside. It will also open up the (comparatively) large and mature SL market to those who are currently selling content online and have no connection to SL currently.

    I get the fact that SL needs to continuously evolve. I have no issue with technological progress but, we also need to remember the needs of the current resident builders who helped shape this virtual world and the more casual creators.

    OMG, I'm on the same side of an argument as Prok... *shudders*...but in this case she does have valid concerns about the creation of a new "elite class", many of whom will have no connection with the SL community.

    Question: Since we're looking at mesh imports is there any thought regarding renovating our currently very low poly count avatars? (I know the two are very different issues but, the avatar is the basic thing we all share and the primary means of expression in SL and it's pretty dated. If we're going to make the world look prettier why not our avs?)

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