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  1. Got a Log Home in Camp Wannabe as well It's a pretty SIM. Plus I think the name is pretty rad!
  2. When I logged on today my log home had been changed overnight. I thought moles had possibly been around to see if the home was in working order. I checked the access list as I had seen others were saying to remove names of possible previous owners. So I went to remove the name, and it says the avatar name does not exist. Has anyone else had this problem. Am I just missing something?
  3. Just got one on Wiley Post. It's not a watery sim, but it's a pretty one. Everything seems spaced nicely. Doesn't feel squishy like some regions. It's still pretty empty here.
  4. Thoughts on more releases tonight? Or do we think it's a a cycle on the weird plots?
  5. Been there done that πŸ˜† trust me. Maybe I'm just asking too much?
  6. Sooo many people are going ape sh** with extra trees. I had to release a pretty plot the first day because my camera view was full of trees. I kept saying to my partner "Something doesn't feel right about this plot." It was after about 5 minutes we realized only some of the trees were meant to be there. At that time we were pretty unfamiliar of the log home landscape. A quick walk around released regions and it's trees, trees, trees! Maybe I was wrong for believing there were already plenty of trees on plots?πŸ˜† I mean I'm all for landscaping but geez.
  7. Well I fell into the vortex in the Lake in Yancey. My partner and I ended up in Soft Meadow. I said to my partner there is XXXXXX XXXXXXX up here. He burst out laughing .... I still don't get it. There is a 10 year age difference between us he still won't tell me what it is πŸ˜†
  8. Strawberry Hill is Gone I got the same house in Albuhayra back to back. What a waste of tries.
  9. Light of Aurelia us so popular, everyone wants it. They should do a raffle for a cause for those parcels. Could you imagine the money they would raise?πŸ˜†
  10. Appreciate the same Longing for my Bellisseria home. I don't always have the time during releases to be on so, you all keep me updated. Big thanks!!
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