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  1. Already announced, nothing to see here. Have a great day!
  2. Sirens Rock, which had 5 lovely houseboats, was also released.
  3. Wow, region beside Howling Pines named Wicked Stepmother. Red letters surround homes but it looks ready.
  4. It's the same house that keeps being sent back. I'm about to toss it back right now. It's in Blossom Rocks.
  5. I thought those were released but I just checked. Cowabunga and Beaver Lagoon are ready too. Sassafras too, good grief. Trailers with a few houses sprinkled in. Heavenbarrow as well. The Moles are not playing!
  6. Goodnight and congrats! You'll make it lovely no matter what.
  7. Yes but about as far away from the beach as can be. It's still lovely. I clicked too early.
  8. It's yours but I'll take it off your hands if ya want, lol. The next link is your front view. Facing the sea with minimal hb disturbance, lol. https://gyazo.com/d03b71b40432ffee941a39e1fd16c38d
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