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  1. It's Pantelleria and it was a nice spot. I just don't do well with sand, lol.
  2. Releasing a traditional at 10 pm slt. Good luck. It took a couple of minutes but she's got a new owner. Treat her well...
  3. Not even a little interested in those campers. I'll cam the decor because I know creative folks will be killing it but the idea of living in a camper, nah.
  4. Releasing a waterfront in Edgar. Good luck! Took a few minutes but it's gone.
  5. I released that one this morning. Congrats, it was only free for about ten seconds.
  6. I cried for help and a Linden god heard my plea...Naw, I just did the live help chat and after a reboot of the region (embarassing) didn't fix it she made a house call.
  7. I somehow managed to drop an invisible prim beneath the house that was keeping me from walking on the floors in the house. It also moved the addition at the back of the house and the wallpaper. I never saw it though I scoured the area. No idea what it was either but it's corrected. It all started with me trying to build...smh.
  8. I broke my house and she came over to fix it in Edgar. False alarm, lol!
  9. I've found a house that hubby and I both love so getting rid of this one and I'm out of the lottery, yay! It was fun. Good luck! The region is Millers Pond.
  10. Picked up a houseboat and tossed it back. 10:44 slt.
  11. It was gone in mere seconds. I waited a bit just in case anyone would respond. My apologies.
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