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  1. Is this Blender 2.49 or Blender 2.5x \ 2.6x ? My skills in Blender (I've used it before mind you) are limited though, specifically with 2.49. 2.56 I've used before and managed to get some progress, I just enjoy using Sketchup because it's got a really clean interface and really easy to use.
  2. I did what you said, and exported the mesh to my desktop. Same error. As for what Kwakkelde said. Here is here is the bottom of the log. 2011-10-27T12:34:27Z WARNING: validate_model: Model has no faces! 2011-10-27T12:34:27Z INFO: LLModelLoader::processElement: Negative scale detected, unsupported transform. domInstance_geometry: group_0 I don't quite understand what it means by not having faces... To me it looks like it has faces. (the physic still uploads just fine, and it's just a much simplier version of this)
  3. I'm in a form of agreement with you Keyth. Namely number 3 on your list. Too many UV textures or Textures (Not sure the difference). :\ So maybe it is a texture \ material issue? How many did you have on the one you had trouble with? *edit* Well...nevermind that. I orginally thought and agreed with your Number 3 statement. But I just went into my model, and dropped down the textures to only about 8. Tried to upload and caught hold on the same error... I wonder what causes it , or even what it means. I searched around but I'm still not hooking anything of use.
  4. I'm going to follow your topic as well, because after I finally got a nice building to work out & the physics for it, I'm catching that error (Dae Parsing) thing. I've searched up and down on Google but haven't found anything :\
  5. Oh... I feel like an idiot now. Okay, thanks. So the physics of the mesh is just the simple version of the mesh. Arton, the pictures were a huge help thanks I'm a total visual learner so that helped a great deal, many thanks. Drongle, thanks also for basically giving me a tutorial lol. Go to the physics tab and load from file, then grab the physic's mesh I made... that makes so much sense I feel stupid for not thinking of it before.. but thank you . It's kind of like when you make a sculpty and you have to put invis. prims down so you can walk on it. And Nacy, thanks for trying I might convert back to using Blender or more often than not, I'll end up juggling both Blender and Sketchup to try to perfect my designs. Thanks Everyone who helped,
  6. First of all, thanks to everyone who replied. And no worries if the topic slightly changes because any help to this is really, greatly appreciated, and more than welcomed. As for what Medhue Simoni Said, and a few others (sorry for the lack of names I don't know how to view the whole thread to write everyone down when making my own reply) anyway... there's a portion that said I need to make the physics myself? Acutally more than just a portion, nearly all of you have mentioned a custom physics or something similar. I'm confused on this....... how do you make your own physics for a mesh? I thought the uploaded did this by itself. >.< Sorry for sounding like an idiot, I just want to start helping out everything and the Forums seems like the best place to go for that. Also the red lines mean triangles? So then I guess on the export option I don't include Triangles? Thanks again, really.
  7. Right. Before anyone says "search" or something, I have searched, which is where my current knowledge originates from. So I've been working on a few mesh buildings, because hey...Mesh is awesome like that. But I come across this problem whenever I'm trying to upload this one building. Just a quick bit, I use Google Sketchup instead of Blender. I find it easier to use. Now, I'm able to upload most meshes from Google Sketchup with no problem, and I'm able to upload this Mesh as well, but the problem comes when I change the physics setting to anything higher than "Lowest". I'm thinking it has something to do with these Red Dots & Lines which appear on the display window (see Pics). Generally this isn't too much of a problem for other meshes (Swords, Daggers, Guns, Etc) because their Bounding Box isn't that important... but this a building. I wanted to walk into it, but with the physics data set so low ... that pretty much nulls it out to where I can't even walk into it anymore (Yes I tried to change the Physics tab from Convex Hull to Prim) - I read somewhere that "Wrap" under the physics button was used for things like buildings, to be completely honest with all that... I've no idea what to do to mess with them. Doesn't help that when I press "Wrap" or anything other than "Surface" the Window doesn't respond anymore. So....any ideas all you peoples out there? Trying to make a simple building, to where I can walk into it... but it gives me some error. Like I said... I think these Red Dots and Lines have something to do with it, but I've no idea why they're there, or what they symbolize. (Lowest Setting = Working) (Anything Higher than Lowest = Not Working)
  8. Wow those are amazing. I specificaly liked the 9th one (reminds me of those old T.V. Shows lol) and the Last One. Keep it up
  9. I'd try to use Google Sketchup if I were you for building. Blender is just painful to get your head around. Google Sketchup will allow you to make Mesh style objects (use the Aditi region for your first uploads btw) it has tutorials on how to use Sketchup on their website as well. Really fast and easy to use It's kinda like SL
  10. As far as I know... Viewer 2 (3 I guess it's called now) works for Mesh. http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/ And of course Firestorm Beta Mesh works as well. http://www.phoenixviewer.com/ Just go to the "Quick Downloads" portion there and get Firestorm for your OS. Personally I prefer Firestorm over V2\3
  11. Well... I only know of keyboard combos to change camera angle. Like... Ctrl + shift + mousewheel Ctrl+alt + mousewheel Shift + Ctrl + mousewheel... Also how someone above said Ctrl+ 9 and Ctrl+0 changes zoom distance... however when it comes to logging off I don't know if those stay or not. You could always try to go into the Perferences tab (ctrl+P) and then into the View tab to change it there. That should keep your camera settings when you click Apply. But these don't work on Firestorm that I know of.
  12. Thanks for all the help everyone I finally got it to function right. The 2.57 must have been the wrong set like Ashasekayi said. (Btw you have one hell of a name... awesome ) No, I wasn't on a Mac - good old W7 64bit. But yes, thanks again to everyone for all the help - the links are really useful and I hope to see you all in the future again. Now that I understand what I did wrong, maybe I can help others too If you don't mind Ashasekayi, I'll be posting your tutorial around.
  13. I've tried to line up the axis's already, and as for using the default skeletons that's what I resorted too. I used the avatar.blend one first, which I mean looks really good. Moved the default avatar to another layer, imported my own, scaled it down to size and made it match up - kept going between the two layers to make sure it was the same porportion \ style. Then deleted the default avatar, joined the default skeleton and readjusted it to my import. Set up and did a few tests of it in Blender, worked like a bloody charm. Low deformations and everything, and managed to make everything function pretty decently. But...that joy was short found lol. I went to bring it up into SL and it was just a big old Nada. Got to upload it, skin weight it, joint position it... but putting it on was the exact same result. Blurred up mesh trail. Not to be too discouraged I tried it out with the simplebot straight from the wikia. Same results. Then I even tried just joining the simplebot itself inside of my imported mesh avatar - and linking the skeleton to that. But again, same weird blur. Perhaps you're right with the rotation, I'll keep messing around hoping I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for the help And I hope things go well for you too! *I added two photos, the first shows the mesh being worn (on the right). The Second shows the exact same mesh not being worn and by itself* Is there the possiblity that it can't be done as a whole avatar, but instead has to be done in seperate pieces?
  14. Yeah, these joint things are very... picky to say the very least. I finally was able to export a Dae collada file, then upload it to SL as a rigged mesh. But everything was all... twisted. It looked kind of like one of those pictures, of something moving very fast and you see the blur on the ends. So I must have messed up on the naming again. Thanks really though on this exact list of joint names. I started by just using bvhackers (for animations of normal avatars) - where I just took the joints and renamed them. i.e. hips, rForeArm etc. But I see that mesh has a different style than that. Thanks
  15. Thanks a lot I'll give a shot and hope that everything goes to work out. Chances are you're right about miss-naming some polygons somewhere... Also thanks for the links, sure to be a massive help. I'm going to use each of these and start over from them - and do like you said. Start with an extremely avatar - then slowly move to more and more advanced. Best of luck to you my friend, and thanks for all the help.
  16. Right, so I did a little bit of research... that just ended up seriously confusing me. Long story short, for the past two days I've been trying to upload a Rigged mesh Avatar. Which in itself making a rigged mesh wasn't too hard. I did it in Blender (both 2.49 & 2.57). Of course when I finally got to the upload screen - I'd check *skin weights* and the upload button would disappear from sight. Thus, is when I finally got to doing some more of the research and found a couple of the forums that said something along the lines of skeleton names...21 of them. So, I went though one by one and renamed each of the skeletons to the ones in SL. "hips, neck, head, rForeArm..etc" needless to say that didn't work. Well then I went and thought it was just the wrong type of mesh I was using... so I downloaded this "MakeHuman" open source project. That was cool, up until the point when I imported it into Blender and tried to export it as DAE... it still didn't work. So I followed another path, http://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/blender-meshes-trail/rigg-your-avatar/ that one to be exact. And I thought for sure this one would work.... but yeah.... failed too. (Maybe it was that hidden 'make real' button that I can't seem to find) So...Daz Studio was a no go, Blender 2.49 & 2.57 was a no, MakeHuman also a no, even my own mesh from ingame was a no. But all in all, long story short... I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I tried to rename the skeletons, I tried to use the rig that I acutally got from SL, I tried a number of different meshes, I really just don't know what else to try now. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'd return the favour as best I can. (This isn't a problem with normal meshes - I've uploaded terrian meshes and housing meshes already - it just doesn't seem to work with Skin Weights...if you need or request any of the files that I've been using I'll glady offer them.) - Thanks ahead of time... ^^'
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