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  1. Hello! Currently, I plan to start a store within SL to make a wide-arrange of things! Right now, I'm focusing on furniture, housing decorations, housing, and other misc. items that follow through with that suit. I definitely would not mind having a partner to help along with this. Even if you don't want to be a partner, but are interested/would like to help, or simply want to be friends, that's fine too! You can IM me in SL anytime, and we can discuss things further. 


    -Leadership/Business Management

    -Prim Building

    -Texturing (Photoshop CS4/CS6)


    - Decrypted Dotterkelch

  2. Carmsie Melodie wrote:

    Thanks for the reply. I personally have full perm for all the elements in this build but I reset them to sell to others. A question -
    how do I protect the script/textures inside from being passed on or sold to others? The table cloth is a mod/cop/no trans item. With what you are saying, the sculpt's contents would need to be set to full perm or no mod/copy/trans. Is this correct? Sorry, I am confused. 

    Ry0ta Exonar wrote:

    Make sure you have transfer permission to all the components (sculpty, script, textures etc). I think that message usually means you (not the next owner) don't have transfer permission on one or more of the items.


    Sometimes, permissions mess up on prims when you set the perms in your inventory. For example, say someone gives you a couch full permmed. You then make it mod/copy/no transfer. But, when you go to rez it, it becomes no transfer for you, making it so you cannot give that copy of the couch out anymore. Hope that helps!

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