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  1. Oh... I know. It's just that I'd rather people just say it. I'm not a complete and total jerkass in reality but I do come across as one sometimes due to tone of voice and facial expressions, but it's frustrating when it happens in SL because I can't even blame THAT.
  2. Oh, it's been a while since that happened... AND it was a bit 'adult' in nature. Flirting, encountering, "you're too tall" and she just logged. Tried flirting another time, she ended it abruptly, and apparently even she couldn't recall why she blocked me afterwards when I spoke about it, via an intermediary regarding a question about a sim she was admin of. (There are probably standards here, so you're going to have to take my word for it, it just did not feel like anything out of the ordinary for flirting or more-than-flirting. I just was not addressing her with the 'proper' amount of respect
  3. But I need feedback. I legitimately do not know why I'm coming across as rude or horrible, and people keep on just blocking and moving on without telling me anything! I legitimately cannot figure out why she blocked me at all. I said and did nothing that I would consider rude or unreasonable, and if I'm wrong, I want to know it!
  4. I'm just going to say that the presumptions of the previous people in this thread annoy me. As does the concept of blocking without making it obvious. I've been blocked without having any clue as to why, and the only indicator I got one time was when someone relayed a message -- and by that time she'd FORGOTTEN WHY. I've heard that sending a notecard is an indicator, but I'm not so sure.
  5. I really haven't found a good match for this, so here goes. I saw a friend online from 'Jayla Clark's Dashboard' friends list, so I decided to log in to see her... only to not see her on my friends list in Firestorm. (Beta 4.5 at present; I'd seen her in-world before, after updating to said Beta.) I checked on Yahoo to find that yes, she was in-world, but didn't get my four IMs to her. I chose to send a screenshot of my friends list in-world via YIM to her... and she noticed from the local that someone was online from her friends list she didn't see either. I logged in with Viewer 2 (and autom
  6. Okay, the L$50k was an estimate, but she was kind of a ridiculous perfectionist about SL. So many clothes, shapes, skins, looks, furniture... As for the severe addiction... from what I could tell, based on when I friended her 'return' avatar to when she got booted, her usage was far down from as Mich and Val. This probably has everything to do with my telling her 'you need professional help' and her actually getting it for six months or so. But let's be honest -- SL is about the best escape around. I'd bet a lot of people you know are at least a little obsessive about it, and ... I've had fr
  7. Just looking back, I wonder if I need to clarify: Her first instaban without warning was due to her credit card dispute on her primary (premium and verified) account. As noted, fairly stupid of her and fairly justifiable for LL to react as such. So no, I don't 'need to ask her' what caused it. I know. Problem is, that was thought resolved by her dropping the dispute. The full ban of her accounts that happened on August 5th was a tough one to figure out, she was so hysterical. Yes, hysterical. I had to walk her through everything... and also find out that she had panic-spammed the support tic
  8. Going to think this out here... but trust me, though the TOS has been reorganized, I recall clearly she was banned for 'misrepresentation of self with regards to creating an avatar'. There was also something about inappropriate content. I have no clue what that was about, but we were always in the same Mature sims, most of which are now Zindra. She went mostly off into her own Zindra sims after re-entering SL society as Kyra. They never gave her an explanation, solution, or anything about the original block. I extrapolated that her annoyingly kneejerk reaction to seeing the same charge on her
  9. She was not given instructions on how to appeal. She was blocked and ignored. She sent in a written appeal. That was responded to with a form letter. She shared everything with me and a mutual friend in the hopes I could help her. Every communication she got. She never got instructed on how to appeal. They said "sorry Val, you've been caught trying to come back so bye. Thanks for the 50 thousand lindens though." And a month later claimed to have a solution in an e-mail ... leading to the same explanation of why she was banned. Never commenting on the 'suspicious Lindens' to this
  10. God, I love coming here, I feel the love, you know? Fraud? Laundering stolen L$? She's an interior decorator IRL and decided to go into business in SL too, to pay for her perfectionism in her avatar. She did it with said NPIOF account. They gave her that message and never elaborated. Not one explanation. She did. Nothing. WRONG. You SANCTIMONIOUS .... I ... I'm sorry. She's just not a crook, she did something stupid that no one ever told her she shouldn't do... I can't take this. I just can't take this. They never completed that investigation, either, they said 2.6, 2.4, 4.1... are any of
  11. That's what I wanted to know, if they have a standard, or if they just blanket 'forever-means-forever'. Seriously, I though the fact she went under the radar for so long meant they'd given up on her. Apparently not. I knew there wasn't much likelihood of getting any help here from an actual Linden, I just... there has to be something I can do... well, maybe all I can do is hand her the information and hope she can use it. I can't tell her what her problem is, though... I can tell her she was banned for the alts and she doesn't give a damn, she wants to know why she was blocked. She got red-fl
  12. It is that case, yes, at least the one cited in that block of text there by me. You can see what the problem was then, no one human gave a damn about actually writing like a human being and telling her what she needed to do, just giving her form letters that did nothing. She was continually suspended for disputed charges that were not disputed anymore. In response to the answers, thanks... I just wish I could convince her she'll get an answer this time. I don't want her going off trying this again without her actually being talked through what the hell she did wrong to begin with. In her m
  13. Never know... *sighs* though she should be at the point where they'll never take her money again. It's way too late for me to try and solve this for her, though. I do appreciate the responses, really... wish I could actually do something.
  14. See, the problem is... she has no idea how to appeal the original ban. At all. She sent a letter, return receipt requested, to the address she found on LL's site, and never got a response. It was a heartfelt plea to explain what she did wrong beforehand, admission of what she knew she did wrong, and plea to have it overturned because of the goodness of their heart, or the vagueness of their answers. (I know, she sent me the copy before she mailed it.) As for the original suspension, she never was told why she was suspended in any way that made sense. "Suspicious transferring of Lindens" I see
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