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  1. Yes, I have the same issue and it really bothers me. I'm using Firestorm and Chrome and it happens on both, everytime I close the browser, I have to login again. It keeps my accountname and pw, but I have to click login and the "remember me" check doesn't work. It has been like this for months now.
  2. I know its been a while since this post, but I thought I'd reply nevertheless. Maitreya doesn't support any other physics so far, only breasts. Belleza does butt, too. Tonic is something I have info about, if they support all physics, should be worth to look at The new BBL (YENTEMENTS BBL) has butt physics, too. I am working on physics for sale and wanted to update the breast physics I have with butt physics, but they seem to be very stiff, like your whole butt moves in one piece, which looks weird, imho Experimenting with it.. we'll see how it will work out.
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