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  1. i once saw an ad where the model had a sleeve tattoo that was stars and ocean, with maybe flowers and such. it was (mainly) purple-ish at the shoulders and wrists aqua-ish in the middle. wasn't too bright in the coloring. i have looked for similar for over 7 years. was wondering if anyone knows of something or somewhere i can find that tat or similar. or even a custom designer with patience (lol). thanks
  2. oh yeahh, the good ol' ctrl alt t, thanks many bunches Rolig!
  3. hi, i just realized that the flickering light on the front of my cottage is from the fireplace logs' flicker of the house i had previously on the same spot. how do i isolate or get ahold of this flickering to detatch it? thanks... edie
  4. if you're on firestorm, it may be your inventory filters, just reset them.
  5. it's your inventory filters, reset them.
  6. How do I take tiny moving objects (butterflies) back to my inventory, when I can't click on them to take? .........thank you!!!!!
  7. i purchased a hair on 11/2/13 and then found a problem in that there is a piece of it at floor level, easy to see. i have sent notes twice, no response. now what do i do? its 11/11 now
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