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  1. No no, thank you very much. The information is helpful. I don't get to actually discuss a lot with people about this, so any help and all help is greatful. 

    I will look into what I can do to make things differently. Start a tumblr perhaps, and change prices up accordingly. Then I shall see what happens from there and go forth.

  2. I am a new mesh builder- and I think the hardest thing for me is advertising. I understand that you need money to make money, but with the amount I've already put into the game for building, my husband is more than wary of me continuing to fork over cash and not seeing any revenue. In a desperate attempt to make sales, and hopes of getting votes- I dropped the price of all my stuff to 1L. I get sales every day due to this, which was better than getting none at all, but it doesn't make enough for me to actually benefit from it.

    So onto my next task. I can now (probably) start to afford an extremely cheap and small shop for some of my stuff. Granted, the term 'cheap' is extremely different for a lot of people, but what I am attempting to look for:

    A lot of my builds are industrial decor, so a sim that is similar to it, I think, would help the business thrive.

    Seeing as how I am currently selling all of my stuff for 1L, I am looking for something that can accomodate a Dollarbee setting: Something as low as 50L a week for a generic amount of prim would be in the higher end of my pricing limit. 

    Lastly, I would like to be decent looking. I understand that for my price limit and my very low funds- that is practically impossible, but I feel like there isn't any reason why a sim should be outdated these days. There's plenty of free (or practically free) merch to make an area look good. 

    On another note, and completely off topic: If ANYONE has any idea on how to help start a business from scratch, I would more than gladly take critiques, criticism, and ideas- because I have been doing this for several months with no avail, and I feel like my mesh creations are worth more than what I am actually getting out of them. 

  3. Hello, I am hoping I can make this as easily understood as possible- since it seems a little bit complicated.


    I have created a script that allows my four legged pet to follow directly behind me as soon as I rez him. It works amazingly; however, the pet does not have any animation. It simply glides across the ground in my direction and stops abruptly behind me.

    In specific, when my pet begins to walk, I want it's limbs to move along with it. I then want the limbs to stop moving when I have stopped (and the pet has reached it's original distance from me). I would like to know if there's a capable script that is able to be created to do this?

    I had looked into many free to use scripts, and the closest one I was capable of using made the limbs look extremely dull and laggy. The pet did not look like it was walking, but instead it's body parts were being forced into new positions slowly and out of sync.

    If anyone is willing to help, I would gladly appreciate it!





    Thank you for your help guys! I definitely will try out all three methods. I had actually tried using the script mentioned in the last post, but I was using someone's premade version of a creating took- so it was look horribly bad. I do not need my pet to be so realistic that it's baffeling, I just didn't like how when the pet walked, one leg was left behind :P 


    Again, thank you guys! didn't expect such a quick response!

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