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  1. I've had this happen to me, whats worse is even after hundreds of AR's from everyone in the region (and pretty charts showing proof) LL refused to do anything. It clearly falls under "Unfair use of region resources" (which was an AR category at the time) yet LL failed to do anything about it for years. Just like a certain spammer that I have been ARing for multiple years and nothing has happened there either. Honestly, I'm not sure if their backlog is multiple years long or if you have to be on their nice list to get them to actually take action.
  2. The Wanted: Mainland is the perfect place to post to prove how suitable you are for any potential jobs.
  3. 1024m is correct (or 10% extra if it is group owned making it 1120m), as for the land next to yours you can submit a ticket asking for a 512m parcel to be created to the west of yours, just mention in the ticket you are expanding your land from 512m to 1024m. The current delay is ~10 days, after which the land will likely be sold directly to you judging by the location. PS. I think your dog ran away, I didn't see it when I was there.
  4. 😮 Seems like I was only just there recently and they still took submissions... how time flies.
  5. The documentation for EEP isn't even complete yet (at least now what I would consider complete). Not sure why anyone would be demanding access to it now other than for testing purposes (in which case go on aditi?)
  6. FYI It seems there isn't really a "payment info on file" anymore... it's only payment info used so you may also need to make a transaction.
  7. I noticed the sky looked odd during the day earlier, there were black marks all over the place it looks like I had the stars shown during the day but as dark spots instead of light spots
  8. People make all kinds of silly threats because of my profile because they think I visited their land to steal tenants from them when in actual fact I'm usually visiting a place because the land is set for sale or they posted on the forums and I want to see where they are.
  9. Oh dam, Bandicoot finally changed hands? It was mostly owned by 1 person last time I was there. I still own a small bit of land there.
  10. I prefer people use a security orb with a reasonable time (preferably 20-30 seconds minimum to allow people to fly over without worry)
  11. Eh I still prefer my way, doesn't use a sensor at all. I sent OP the script directly
  12. If you just leave it and don't pay for it you are risking your account. LL will still charge you for the region and your account balance will go into the negative. Once it is negative if you do not pay it LL will suspend your account and ask you to pay it again, failure to do so will result in any mainland you own being auctioned to cover part of the cost, your estate region will be removed from the grid and your account will remain suspended until you pay the remaining balance.
  13. While you would need 56x40m(2240sqm) this is an odd size to find and leaves you with no garden. You would probably be best looking for a 64x64m parcel (4096sqm) which is a much more standard size and gives you more room outside your house.
  14. I'm surprised Prokofy doesn't know about this. It's one of the things I expect anyone in the rentals business to know about, especially someone that does mainland rentals.
  15. What is the point in policy? There's already a policy regarding excessive region resources and it's useless so more policy is likely to be the same, very few of LL's policies actually seem to be enforced. Besides what good is a policy to enforce something users can't measure? You wouldn't tell your tenants to stay under a certain prim count if you had no way to see how many prims they use, would you? Currently, there is no reliable way to see script usage on mainland. Without estate tools you have nothing. Any resident made HUD that claims to tell you script usage is basically useless.
  16. No, because they will check the first few requests then just stop checking requests for awhile haha. Yes but the odds of it going to auction were basically 0 for a time, they now seem to be going back to the old policy (but it can be a bit random) the old policy is still the current policy.
  17. I've been really tempted to request some places like that but I know that if they do sell them to me (or put them up for auction) I'll be kicking myself for getting an old build removed.
  18. I believe this is why they started sending parcels to auction. Shortly after auctions came back they started sending requested parcels there so I believe anything before that point was them testing it with parcels that were not requested.
  19. TBH I wouldn't bother. Most groups aren't under tier so you will be creating tickets wasting time for both you and LL the majority of the time. Even if they are under tier, LL gives them a chance to increase the tier and keep the land so all you are really doing it getting LL some extra $.
  20. Multiple years in my friend's case. His account was suspended for non-payment and I was donating ~20m tier to cover 4-8000m. it was there for years before LL Did anything about it.
  21. Is this a mainland parcel? If it is an estate then you are out of luck completely, if it is mainland as I suspect it is open the group's profile and check the "Land & L$" tab. If the "Land available" is negative then you may be able to have LL "seize the land" as you put it. You will need to be premium however and you won't be refunded for any rent paid. Submit a ticket to LL saying the group is not paying tier on the parcel and you would like to buy it. LL will then contact the landowner and ask them to increase their tier. LL may seize the land while they do this however so your items may be returned. If they do not increase their tier to cover the land, LL will either offer the land for sale to you for L$1/m or put it up for auction to cover unpaid tier costs. If the land was not seized before this point then they will at this point seize it and return all objects. As for the rent... you could try put in a ticket explaining what happened. I am extremely doubtful LL will return the L$ as from their point of view you paid someone to rent land, you are renting the land, and it's none of their business (mainly this one).
  22. Not lately unless you have a good claim or they think the parcel isn't suitable for auction (odd shape/size). At least that is what my experience has been. Frankly, with the amount of time I spend looking at land, it puts me off because I can spend days looking for a parcel only for it to go to auction (which ends at the worst time for me due to my timezone). Sure you can say the end time doesn't matter because I can set my maximum bid but only fools think that. Placing an early bid allows others more time to think about if it's worth outbidding you. It also means the price is likely to be higher due to this. While I could place what I believe is a good price as my maximum bid, if I check back and have been outbid that gives me time to re-evaluate the parcel and how much tier I have, deciding if I want to go higher than the price I previously set, except I don't actually get this opportunity because I won't be around for the final 6 hours.
  23. I have 2 properties I will discount by 25% if you mention this post, just pay the rental meter and send me a message saying to saw this ad and I will refund 25% and set it to the lower rate for future payments. Just remember to pay the meter to ensure no one else takes this great offer as these are under L$0.5/prim! Region Size Prims Normal Price Discounted Price + Notes Treefoot 25600m² 8789 L$5000 L$3750 Private group Busiris 11264m² 4042 L$2300 L$1650 Private group, sailable (access to over a dozen full sims of water) What are private group rentals? Private Group rentals are rentals which have a dedicated group for just that parcel. This means you get higher permissions than normal and more privacy. All rental boxes for private group rentals can be found at our office here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/230/137/23 Great reasons to rent from us All Rentals come with a money back guarantee! Don't like the area? Can't fit your build? Need more prims? Contact us within 48 hours for a full refund of anything paid. Prime locations. Competitive rates All land can be used for both residential or commercial purposes. Friends can be added to the rental, giving them the power to rez objects (just click the rental meter and use the "add tenants" option. If you have any questions please contact me by IM. See you around
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