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  1. Sassy Romano wrote: Plus needing a bit of land for each of those box locations. Many merchants who have multiple magic boxes also have multiple stores, there are also rent a prim places which will allow people to keep a second box rezzed without the need for extra land. Sassy Romano wrote: As for redundancy, redundancy of what? Adding multiple extra links to the same central asset UUID in the asset cluster doesn't gain anything if direct delivery is already sending from that central asset UUID. Having lots of apparent redundant magic boxes would be of no benefit if the central asset server was not available. The scripts. If the region is down the scripts will not be running and cannot deliver any inventory. It has nothing to do with the asser server not bieng availiable. Sassy Romano wrote: Bloating inventory? Surely creators already have the original version in their inventory of their item? I'm expecting DD to introduce a "Sales folder" and all you'd do is add an inventory link to that or move the original. No bloat. Not all people keep their original copy in their inventory. I know some of my products are not in my inventory, only my Magic Boxes.
  2. Cienna Rossini wrote: We are having a gift box auction for Autism. Can anyone share how an auction can be done in sl. Any feedback would be appreciated.. Lucky Designs has a product called "Bid Box" which allows you to have an auction. People pay the bid box to bid on the item, if someone outbids them, their money is returned. I would not recomend using this while a lot of people will be standing around outbidding eachother though as you may run into issues.
  3. Darrius Gothly wrote: WhiteBoi360 wrote: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/77595 There's the link to my store. The item is a gesture and should be the first one on there... The other items were given to me to put on there to see if they experienced the same problem as my item Try adding an image to the listing. I believe it won't allow delivery until there is an image. (However I'm surprised it allows a sale without it.) I also notice it's marked as having no permissions whatsoever (No Copy, No Mod, No Transfer) Make sure you completely fill out the product information page and try again. You can sell items without an image. I have a free direct group inviter listed on the marketplace with no image and it has successfully been delivered 44 times. See: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Direct-Group-Inviter-no-recurring-fees/1802807
  4. Qie Niangao wrote: Does anyone object to having those landing points removed from unparcelled Linden land in Bay City, on non-InfoHub sims? I have actually been wondering why there was a landing point at all ever since I moved to Bay City. A few times now I have used the map to teleport to what should be right outside my parcel, only to find myself on the other side of the region.
  5. I love the cars! I have talked to the creator, I hop in and travel around randomly if I see one. Unfortunately I haven't seen one for awhile BTW If you find one that has lost it's way, let the creator know so they can take it back.
  6. I use the NCI Map in my HQ. I had to take the scripts out though so touching doesn't send you a copy (because I replaced it with my own script which interacts with a number of pins I have placed on the map to show where my parcels are. My script makes the pins show the region FPS/dilation)
  7. oh how I wish I could afford that, I already have a parcel in bay city though so meh
  8. Did you ever ask for permission? I asked someone if they would open up the back of their parcel if I purchased the land behind him (he had a path to the back of his parcel which had a fence at teh end, on the other side of the fence was the parcel I wanted). He opened it up and I bought the parcel, I made my place to match his. He is now one of my best friends on SL. I sitll own a 512 next to his place (a different 512 though as he wanted to make his place bigger and traded another parcel further back for it).
  9. Conlaoch Gustav wrote: For land to be acted on by group members - i.e., subdividing land - does the land have to be *deeded* to the group? Yes Conlaoch Gustav wrote: Does the group only 'own' the land if the land is deeded? Yes Make sure no one has the ability to sell or abandon land.
  10. Argus Collingwood wrote: What will happen to the Land Market for Magic Box Storage when DD gets released? For a platform that bases [at a glance] their income on land tier, there is an undercurrent of errosion going on at LR. :smileysurprised: There will still be a market for server hosting, it will just be a smaller market. There are other things that need to remain rezzed at all times.
  11. Rya Nitely wrote: And personally, I can't wait to see my avatar go green when I make a sale :smileyvery-happy: This. If anything, we need this! It could actually be done right now, use ANS to communicate with a worn object which would tell your client (it would have to be a TPV made to support this) to change your skin to a green skin for a few seconds...
  12. Pearl Vollmar wrote: I wish LL would stop having "brilliant" ideas. What's wrong about magic boxes? Why change that? Please leave my inventory alone! Magic boxes require the region to be online for them to deliver the items. Sim lag can affect the performance of your magic box. That being said, I am still all for Magic Boxes but it's a bias opinion as I offer magic box hosting in no less than 6 different regions.
  13. They must extend no higher than 8 m from the ground. Does that mean 8m from the prim below it (eg. 8m higher than your building's roof) or 8m higher than the actual ground?
  14. I offer hosting for L$4/week (single prim) I have 6 regions availiable so you can put backups all over the place if you want to. HQ: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Morton/42/157/26/ (PS send me a IM if/when you sign up and I'll give you some free rent)
  15. I have asked LL about reselling other people's creations in the past. What they have told me is if I have the transfer permission, then I can sell it.
  16. Medhue Simoni wrote: LadyKelsey2011 wrote: i am looking for a place that willing to hire a newbie. maybe some clubs or something just so i can earn some money here in seconlife for a house with lots of prims too hold lots of things ya know so if anyone can help please reply as soon as possible. If you are really new, say less than 2 months old in SL, then there are things like Money Trees all over the grid to pick up some extra spending cash in SL. When I started, I had a whole folder of LandMarks to money trees and if I needed some cash, I just teleported from tree to tree. Now, I have my own Money Tree. Just do a search for Money trees in search and hopefully there will be a big list. It is also a good way to meet other newbs and experience some of your first SL experiences with some1 else in the same boat. It's actually even easier than that now. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blackmount/236/236/73/ has a money tree list and group members can access the better lists, L$ vote places and the PPRS list. Costs L$30 to join the grooup though, but it is definately worth it.
  17. I have a store you can use. It's 30 prims (supposed to be L$90/week). I've already sent you a IM in-world with the details, if you want it it's yours for free for awhile
  18. If it's mainland ask on livechat or a support ticket. If it's an estate you will need to contact your estate manager.
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