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  1. Lucky you. All my requests get denied or sent to auction.
  2. In that case then, LL needs to enforce their policies... oh wait that isn't going to happen.
  3. I always thought it was a chat message, turns out it's a notice for gold rush, chat message for fish multipliers. I turned off the group notices long ago.
  4. Yes, people do use bots to send group notices, especially in cases where something starts at a specific time or is triggered by a certain event eg. Linden Gold Hunters uses a bot to send a group notice any time a gold rush starts. There are 37450 members in the group and during a 1 hour period, there were 4 notices sent out. That equates to 149800 messages or almost 30 times the daily limit in just that one hour period. I have seen stores use bots to announce the weekend deal so the creator doesn't need to login, or to announce the monthly group gift when the month starts.
  5. This policy REALLY needs to be changed. Under this policy, a bot cannot send a single notice to a group with more than 5,000 users. This about that... a popular store with 5,000 members in the group cannot use a bot to announce a sale or special event.
  6. Land: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Treefoot/128/128/32 Rental Meter: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/219/138/29 Short and sweet
  7. Presumably, it will be just like the current Linden homes, you just request one on the site. As for enforcing the look and feel I would presume you are forced to use one of their houses, and just like the current linden home regions, they actually will remove things that are out of theme. it seems to be the only thing you can AR and actually get a Linden to action nowadays.
  8. Parcel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Doesburg/64/40/24 Rental Box: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/237/138/29 Short and sweet
  9. Good to see I'm not the only one working on improving the map. Mine shows the terrain height and parcel borders, it also has markers for a few security orbs (they show up as a red box for the area you aren't allowed in) and I'm working on adding the height of prims but this is proving a lot more difficult than I first thought. It only does a small section of the grid though.
  11. Oh great, then everyone will know I never move.
  12. I once found a group of about 30 bots, the owner claimed they were real people watching a movie and banned me. They all had the same 4-5 outfits, all sitting staring at a TV which was not even set up.
  13. It needs more than that. Good luck getting anyone at LL to enforce their own rules.
  15. Like when we could use the AR category "excessive use of region resources" so that LL could look into it after a few years?
  16. The BB Sandbox has a lot more has "one house rezzed". There are currently ~4650 active scripts, and looking at the performance I would say it's about the same as I would expect (oddly BB's sandbox seems a little higher than it should be but only a little). It seems the script usage is just higher than it used to be. Unfortunately, with mesh becoming more and more common, people tend to have more free prims. What do they do with those free prims? Use them to rez more scripted objects.
  17. I know of other laggy breedable systems. If a breedable is in a parcel and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 🤣 I'll take you up on that bet. I've done extensive testing on a number of breedable systems (and other large scripted systems) to the point where I have an entire empty region I use for testing loads. Sure I'll admit I haven't tested as many breedable systems as I would like to, but this is mostly down to the amount of time I have between other tests.
  18. Instead, they have a bunch of scripted sensors to detect when people are in the area so everything can get rezzed.
  19. Honestly this SHOULDN"T be an issue but it's something I haven't looked into properly. if other homesteads on the same server are able to cause yours to lag then the same should be true for full regions too and while you do sometimes see issues that seem to be on the simulator level in my experience these have been very rare and LL has moved regions to new sims when this happens.
  20. IMHO the biggest negative of a homestead is the reduced region resources. Did you know you can only use 25% of the frame time? This means having 25% of the scripts as normal. If you are into a certain RP farming game for example and use it on a homestead as many do, you will find your scripts run plummets due to the high amount of script time the system uses. Seeing as you are already used to a 1/3 homestead you are probably already used to this but it is something worth keeping in mind.
  21. I keep hearing this a lot too and it's a bit of misinformation. After a year (or whatever payment term you chose) if you don't switch back to a basic account, LL will assume you want to continue with your premium subscription and bill you for another period. If you have not got the US$ credit in your account they will attempt to bill your payment method. If this also fails they will make your balance negative and try again another day. They will continue trying for 30 days and if they still cannot process the payment they will put your account in "delinquency status". This will still allow you to access secondlife.com to clear the balance but you will be unable to login to the viewer. If you decide you no longer want to be premium, just remember to change back to a basic account before your premium term is up and they will not try to bill you for another cycle and your account will remain open.
  22. They do this to squeeze more people into the same number of prims (after all if the house isn't rezzed when you aren't there, those prims can be used to rez someone's house who is there). Contacting whoever you rent from is likely to be pointless as it is part of their business model to do this. They are extremely unlikely to make an exception for you so your house stays rezzed taking up prims 24x7 so you would be better off looking for a new place to rent.
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