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  1. Dear . Marketplace developers or who ever should read this. I don't know anymore ppl but i find this pretty unacceptable.. Why even bother after 4 years or even a couple of months! if they haven't tried to contact me .. which half of the time is eaten by too many instant messages as well! also very awesome that my customers can't reach me even tho my email is linked and all and i should get an email. which i never do.. i can solve this myself. I feel inclined to contact this person and refund them for delivering an item after 4 years!. Can there please be a limit like max a week? prefer
  2. it's not clear to me why my st patrick days shamrocks both of them keep being unlisted due to someoene flagging them. i feel i am being griefed. there is noting wrong with the way i listed them imo .. but maybe i am not aware of something?
  3. well i would like to know what to edit in the script or maybe be provided with a working script when it is enabled. i know a little scripting but i will see. thank you Darrius, smiles
  4. How do i activate the ANS system through direct delivery? I would like to be notified inworld again of my sales tvm.
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