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  1. I have been testing with viewer for a few days now and I really am impressed at how well BoM works. I have 1024 skin Textures and they pop on a mesh body. Better made Tattoos are amazing. High quality texture clothing looks better than with appliers. Several under garments added like stockings and panties are no problem. I have nothing but problems with more than one applier at a time in a mesh body hud. It took me awhile to figure it it out because nobody seemed to know anything about it. Now I know what works and plan on trying new Ideas I have. I used copies of my body and head
  2. Many items from several locations in my land disappeared suddenly. Some appeared in lost and found as broken and cannot be rezzed. Several expensive no copy items are missing. It seemed random. The couple dance Intan was gone but the single dance Intan was not. Luckily the Intan was copy and easily restored but no copy items are gone. I don't understand how this could happen. Thousands of $L gone poof. I am not a happy camper..
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