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  1. The Mole has spoken with the truth basically and well stated at that. Now you people with no life can stop speculating that its going to happen.
  2. NO TUDOR HOUSE - definately isn't an english cottage either - its an ENGLISH TownHouse is my guess they all have front stoops like that an windows - it could be a English Row House as well.
  3. I married my sl husband of 9 years in real life in 2016. The fact is that I spent three years getting to know him before we met in real life and he subsequently came to visit me in the US numerous times. I now live in the UK with him and we’ve been marrried for 4.5 years. So in total we’ve been together 13.5 years. Not everyone is meant to last and if she cheated then dump her ass and move on
  4. I met m husband in 2007 in second life. We met in real life in 2009 in RL. We got married in 2016 in real life We have been married just under 4 years at this time 😉
  5. Ill keep the victorian I have on this account, but I'm likely to go back to homestead living in the near future, I find the limitation of prims a huge factor for any furture living. If I could rent more prims by x amount of $$ for X amount of prims I would actually go that method. We will see Linden has an opportunity here to make things interesting by offering more prims to linden house owners.
  6. yeah me to considering, if they added a premium zone with 500 prim houses or more i'd be all over that.
  7. I have three premiums at the moment, it pays for itself cause I can have 3 houses, I did have a full sim at one point and was spending hand over fist on lindens to.
  8. where is the chair in the first picture from??
  9. we've been married 4 years. I was trying to quote someone in a post a few pages back who said partners change in sl like underwear, however some of us have been with same guy forever and a day.
  10. I married my sl husband in the real world just saying. 9 years together in second life before we got hitched in real life.
  11. If you buy the right furniture you should be able to fill up your house to full. First thing you should invest in is all that bathroom furniture from LAQ Decor, its amazingly low prim if you can get your hands on it. they had a few other things i'd suggest as well.
  12. I may have the culprit green houses ill look in a secondc when I log on I've got a plethora of just about everything.
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