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  1. Sim is Grandfathered so the tier is $195, 20k prims which I'm sure you can change if you like. Price 1600 USD (including 600 USD transfer and the tier is due on the 17/18th) Can send offers via notecard to Syane Jewell in world if your interested and only serious offers will be accepted! Thanks Syane Jewell
  2. Thank you for considering employment with Rock A Bye Hospital and Medical Center. Requirements are: Voice Enabled Over 3mths old on SL * Please note Medical Assistants NEED NOT have a medical background ! Currently we need two MA's and two Physicians! *WE ARE THE PROUD WINNER OF THE 2015 AVI CHOICE AWARDS! COME SEE WHY! We have two shifts available 8am slt to 2pm slt 2pm slt to 8pm slt The hospital is opened 6 days a week Mon-Sat Sundays we are closed. Name: RL Medical background: What shift are interested in? Understand this is a time intensive position and requires a real dedication. We seek someone who loves children and people. Rename this note-card and send to Syane Jewell you will be contacted for interview all applications are read and considered. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR SL NAME IS ON THIS NOTECARD NOT YOUR DISPLAY NAME BE READY TO GET INTERVIEWED IN PROPER ATTIRE! THANK YOU !
  3. -- To Dresdents Comment -- Most Marriages in SL only last 1 to 2 days I thought this was funny I would also like to say that some last way longer than this I've been married 4 plus years to the same guy
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