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  1. Hello world! Hello Alaintha! I offer for rent , Full Perm Private parcels in SL mainland and after I get a payment of what I am asking for the week, Im giving all my land powers ( abilities ) to the tenant and then I go away. Since mainland has a governor already ( LL himself ) who had set NO RULES ( No Covenant ) more than the TOS .... I am not going to BOTHER my self setting rules! Why I would want to do that? I am just a middle man who pays LL in bulk for to rent land and then to re-rent the land to others for a POTENTIAL small profit.. if there comes any! Mai
  2. With no offence, I believe you was just in a hurry to reply in ONE MORE topic and so you said something really fast that it could have a SLIGHTLY chance of mistake! Thanks for beeing a good member of SL , your help was always helpfull to everybody
  3. I am at one parcel in mainland RIGHT NOW and I am disabling the option "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcels" and YES it DOESNT allow ANYONE to CAMMING Thank you again!
  4. This is a post in the MAINLAND WANTED section So, please allow me to add my oppinion. Mainland is a Full Region and if the landlord provides a group with NO other members inside , and gives ALL abilities to the tenant then it is considering to my eyes FULL PERM ( Same thing like premiums are getting as about the LAND part abilities ) In fact, if the tenant pay a deposit of the value of the land, ( in this case approx. L$1000 for a 1024m parcel ) or if they make the landlord an owner of them groyp, then the landlord can give them ALL the abilities LL provides through them group
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