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  1. All basic navigation should be doable with a single click. Right now, there are two significant actions that cannot: opening a folder (double click) and return to top-level folder (right-click and menu pick). So add a breadcrumb link for the top-level folder, and an 'open' button to each folder.

    I'd also like single-key shortcuts for each navigation action. I'd suggest adapting the arrow keys and corresponding 'WASD' movement keys: up-arrow/W and down-arrow/S move up/down through the list, right-arrow/D opens a folder, left-arrow/A moves to the next higher-level folder. (You already have folder contents sliding in from left and right when moving from folder to folder, so using the left/right movement keys seems a natural extension of that.)

    The same shortcuts could be applied in the hierarchy view too.

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