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  1. Please contact me I am interested. Will reach out to you.
  2. Looking to purchase / transfer a Homestead private region that has been grandfathered. I already know a full prim sim so no problem there. I will pick up the transfer costs.
  3. Why not start the new year on some new land? There are several parcels available for immediate occupancy! Tropical Living on a Private SIM. Two parcels with ocean views! Each has the following:Land Size: 4096 Square metersPrims: 1250 Price: L$5,000 Month Buy land for $L 5,000 and it also includes first month's tier!! Please contact Aeschylus Shepherd after purchase! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pure/93/229/21 - Ocean Views (Northern) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pure/158/29/21 - Ocean Views (Southern) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pure/98/99/21 - (Marina Views)
  4. FULL SIM FOR SALE / FULL TRANSFER. 15,000 PRIMS Tier Due: June 4th Asking $350.00 USD (I will pay for transfer) Please contact me directly if interested. Please send NC. ** Must Change Name of SIM. - Note: Name change is at no additional charge when you do transfer. When you do a FULL Transfer you can 1. Change the Name, 2 Move it to another spot on the grid if you have other sims you want to have it next to.
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