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  1. My avi has evolved exponentially over my 2 years, and recently I took the massive leap of faith of changing from my previous human avi to a demoness, complete with claws, wings and horns. I love the responses it gets sometimes. I still weave in and out of my human avi from time to time.. I kind of consider them both as equal halves of my Second Life. My point: Who says that you need to have only the one regular 'identity'? To this day I don't have any idea of what possessed me (no pun intended) to become a demon but I don't regret it in the slightest. Just go with what feels right. Edit: Removed stupidity.
  2. If you would like my opinion, (I think someone else has already said something similiar) if I was in your position, I would not care. If they suddenly decide that you are no longer worth talking to / hanging out with, that is totally their own decision. Talk about throwing away all those good times huh? Good riddance...
  3. A store called Spanked sell what you are after, however I managed to match my skin tones myself, manually. It is possible!
  4. As much as I hate to necro a dead thread, I would also be interested, if there's space for little old me... Alicia x
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