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  1. Hooray! Version 2.0.0 has worked! No idea why but its working. Yay. Thanks for everyone's help. Much appreciated!
  2. So I've deleted everything I can find to do with SL. I've updated the Flash. I've re-started and zapped my P-Ram. Re-installed the SL viewer and when I double click the icon it briefly appears in my doc bounces for a second or so then disappears. I've just logged in on my Macbook pro and that's working. Hmmm... I know the issue isn't sorted yet but thanks to all that are trying to help !
  3. Here's the version I was using that asks for the update (I haven't logged on, on this Mac for a while) Thanks for your help
  4. I've had no error messages. When I double click the SL icon it looks like its going to start up the loading process then nothing happens. I've not had this problem before and have been using SL since 2008 and all the updates have worked until now. The older version of the viewer still works but still says it needs the update. Sorry I know that's not much help but not a lot is happening lol. I've added a screen shot of my Mac's spec...
  5. I've just been forced to update to 2_3_0_214726 and Sl now won't launch. I've even tried the SL viewer 2. I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.11 and had no trouble before today. Any ideas?
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