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  1. Yes that's what I would have thought -- that it would try to charge in USD, and let my bank convert. See the attached image -- I entered 10000 L$, that would be $41.33. Linden Labs would charge me 34.78 GBP for this transaction (and when I buy it, that's really how much they charge). The currency market rate conversion is 31.06 GBP. That is a difference of 12% ! I haven't tried PayPal, as paypal also has bad exchange rates, although probably not as bad as 12%
  2. I have a multi-currency bank card (Monzo), which means it can convert at great rates automatically. However, Linden Labs forces me to pay in GBP and intentionally sets a really bad exchange rate, when I buy L$. The difference is about 5-10%! I would be happy to pay in USD and allow my bank to convert, but I see no such option during payment.
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