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  1. Thank you, we saw those but we need ones that are able to sit down
  2. Can someone please tell me, how long does it take for a group to close, when there is only one person in it?
  3. Hi, I am looking for someone who can make a Statler & Waldorf pair of characters that I can drag out of my inventory and place in seats. Is the anyone who can help please?
  4. Hi, I am looking for someone who is able to make a statler & waldorf pair of characters that I can drag out and put in seats at my club. Can anyone help please?
  5. I have been having problems with the market place for the last few days. I go to the site and it will not stay open :(
  6. I am having problems with my Intan. It is on my land and is set to group, as is the Intan. I have the land settings to allow group to rezz things but for some reason people can only rezz the intan balls when I am actually there with them. Can someone help please. As i have checked all the settings and it still doesn't solve the problem.
  7. Hi :) I've just started building and I'm starting with baby's nursery items & would like to know where i can get some nice animations like changing diapers and bathing babys from, does anyone have any suggestions pls :)
  8. I cleared my teleport history and it has wiped the LM & lost and found folders from my inv. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where & what happened? Wow i also have 1000 things gone from my inventory too :(
  9. Francine Mint

    Update payments

    Hi, I keep getting this e mail about updating my payment details, I dont have anothercredit card, is it for real? This email contains important information that affects your Second Life account and requires action in order to continue any payment transactions with Second Life. Due to the conclusion of the Second Life local payments beta program, it is required that you add a new credit card or PayPal account by going to your billing information page on Secondlife.com: https://secondlife.com/my/account/billing.php Although our local payments beta program ended Jan. 9, for a small group, we have extended the deadline to update payments information to Tuesday, January 24.
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