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  1. Wouldn't it be awesome if he stopped kicking all the educators and non-profit people out of SL by reinstatement of the 50% discount???
  2. The really sad thing is that almost all of this blog has been dedicated to talking about how educational institutions are going to be hurt, and nothing about how the non-profits are going to be forced out. The National Shrine of Divine Mercy has had its full walk-through on Shrine for a few years now, it has a lot of people that walk through and doesn't bother people for donations. It doesn't have big adverts on the mainland, and basically keeps to itself on a private island where people can visit if they want to or not. Looks like the only way to stay is to take space on the Mainland and compress down to a 1/4 SIM. I'm pretty sure no matter where we go someone is going to have a problem with a large-scale religious reproduction moving in next to them. Or we will have problems with people that will move in next to us. Keeping things segregated by using affordable sims saves a huge number of problems. I'm sure it also cuts down on griefing since we can fully control the effort where we can't do that as well on the mainland. Of course I'm not expecting anybody to shed a tear for non-profits "losing their lease" so to speak. But it seems to me that forcing education and non-profit out of SL by doubling the price kicks out the people you want - the quiet, low-demand, low-traffic folk who are not causing problems and just paying the bills...
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