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  1. Less of a question, more an observation and call to action: Chat repeaters. I'm seeing these used more frequently in large clubs claiming their clubs are too large for the standard 20 meter chat range of local chat. I'm of course of the opinion, if you need a chat repeater, you're probably doing something wrong. But that's besides the point, my personal opinion doesnt affect the abuse these objects are permitting. Chat repeaters are considered to be the user who owns them, not whomever is actually speaking and being repeated for those outside of normal chat range. What does that
  2. Innula Zenovka wrote: I don't want to derail this into a discussion of the best way to make RLV cages, but, for the sake of accuracy, as far as I'm concerned, while I know a lot of cages do use llRequestAgentData periodically to check, should the prisoner log out while still a captive, to see if they've logged back on another sim (if they have, you infer they don't want to play any more, so forget about them and prepare the cage for use by another captive), it's not -- or shouldn't be -- vital to the cage's operation since you'll anyway want to set a limit for how long the cage should wait
  3. I really liked the idea of "Let's fix TPV's to not show this so obviously, sit back and see what happens." Look, in my many many years of playing on MUDs, you could hide from programs on those things (similiar to LSL scritps) but you could never ever TRUELY mask your presnse (connection) to the world from others. This seemed fair to me. You were not notified when a hiding player logs in and out, you could only actively look for their presense with another command that shows who's online. Right now, we kind of have this same, IMHO, fair balance. By default, even with Firestorm/Phoenix, if
  4. Innula Zenovka wrote: I still don't really understand why you say an RLV trap needs to check online status....[snip] It's really not important. What is important is there is perfectly legit uses for this function to work as it was originally designed. Changing it will break content and achieve ABSOLUTELY nothing what so ever other than break it for.. what? As I said, unless you plug about a dozen more 'holes' in online presense hiding, its utterly pointless to plug one.
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Chetar Ruby wrote: WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF LOGGING IN IF YOU DONT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW? The ability to work on something without distraction and interruption is a big point. It doesn't cut out all of it, as there are other ways to tell your on line if some one really wants to know, but it can tone it down quite a bit. Its like a lock. A really determined person can still get in, but it will deter the 'honest' people and people that just don't want to do the work of breaking in. Busy mode is only so effective and prevents you from receiving things that
  6. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Why should RLV be able to override people cheating anyway? If someone gives up on the RP and decides to break it, they've given up on the RP. They've left the game as it were. Rather than force them to 'play' - boot em out of the game's RP zone. Missing the point. RLV can't stop people from cheating. Duh? Just turn it off and yer free to go. The reasons for needing that information (someone being connected or not) are numerious, some of them more warranted than others. But it doesn't matter how warranted they are. That they ARE warranted, legitimate and r
  7. Feldspar Millgrove wrote: Can't the furniture detect that the avatar is no longer there, just by scanning for them in the appropriate radius? Also, you can still tell if the avatar is in the sim(s) you are interested in. I'm sure you simply don't understand the nature of the devices in question. Devices which recapture avatars if they try to get away by logging off. I'm sure you won't understand the demand/need for this sort of thing, that's irrelevant. What is relevant, is a device needs to be freed up for someone else to use if the person cheats and teleports away, or logs i
  8. Well, after some clarifications on the what is a 'shared experience' and what that will prohibit in TPV, I'm a little less outraged by these changes. Though I don't think it's any less stupid of a rule to impose on the TPV developers who've brought so much to SL over the years. Yes, not everything has been good, but there's been more good than bad, and in the end, the 'shared experience' balances out. We are talking about a company here that takes upwards of 6 months to remove obviously illegal content from their grid and obvious theft postings to Marketplace. So it's understandable that s
  9. The new search sucks. Half the time when I search for resident, it comes up with irrelevant results and not the residents name. Bring back the old 1.23 style search that actually works, at the very least for searching for residents. This new thing is nice and all, but when it comes to just searching for a resident's name so you can IM them.. its terrible.
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