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  1. Hello Yesterday i lost important iventory items ,i selected a bunch of boxes at one time ,to move it to my new land. I saw the maintance was going on and i tought well dont rezz it but keep it in inventory ,then i was called afk by rl and came back and my avatar was logged out by LL because the sim had a restart. And when i logged back in the whole bunch of boxes was gone out of my inventory ,those boxes containd all my textures ,sculpts ,menu items ,my own creations and much much more ,Over thousands items and expensive all creator items. And it was no copy because 1 single box between teh whole bunch had a no copy boxes in the big box ;S I relogd to all kinds of viewers loaded my inven ,cleared cache and inventory caches also ,nothing on none viewer it is gone. I asked my simowner to submit a sim reroll and LL denied the reroll because it is not an important enough :( Does anyone know what to do ??? I dont have a paid account and i don't know under what name it is in inventory because i dont know what the last box was called ,only thing i know is the time frame around and that it is gone. I searched my inven over and over on name ,date,creatorname all i did ... I hope anyone has the golden tip to help me ..because i lost almost all my building material .. Greets Mizzy ( No idea how to post under my post so i will do it like this) Thank you for responding ,but nothing worked what i did not try before from that link . I also want to submit a case ticket help but the inventory mangement one does not work ,quiet handy if you need help and it does not work also. Does anyone maybe know how to contact lindenlab for help on more places because submite a case don't work. Greets Mizzy
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