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  1. Again thanks for the advice. LMAO Caliburn, you really do have me rethinking this leotard thing. I'm off shopping now...... Search / ..... Leotards......
  2. Excellent picture and thanks for the advice. I have a green leotard in my inventory somewhere, shall I send you a copy????
  3. Thanks so much for all the good advice, all was taken and I'm back to my normal self. What a relief! I'm hoping this discussion will help other SL non-geeks hehehehehe. By the way Luc, thanks for the advice on the ping test. My rating was B (I was expecting G-) so it turns out my broadband doesn't suck as much as I thought it did. Also now that you mention it, I might miss that green leotard..........
  4. I'd sure appreciate any help I can get, since losing Emerald Viewer, and downloading a new viewer, I've turned into a freak!  Let me first explain that I'm using Windows 7 and I live in a part of the world where broadband really sucks - but I got on really well with Emerald.  So when we lost emerald, I tried Imprudence (didn't work so well) and then Phoenix, which was great.  Now I'm no computer geek so please forgive the simple terms I use here....  The first thing I noticed was that having both viewers loaded onto my pc seemed to confuse whichever viewer I was using, ie my title would say imprudence when I was phoenix and I had some small problems like still having the typing animation going after unchecking it, but hey I was reasonably happy with a viewer that worked for me.  Then, about three days ago, people started commenting on what I looked like.  I couldn't understand it because I looked okay to me. They sent me snapshots and I was horrified to find that I was half male, half female, and I'm wearing some really odd green leotard thing, and I don't even have anything green in my inventory!  So my quest to fix the prob began, but nothing seems to work.  This is what I've done. 1)  Uninstalled all viewers and reloaded Ascent 2)  Thought maybe it was because I still had Emerald and Imprudence client bridges in my inventory - removed those 3)  Tried Ruthing myself - apparently she's also wearing the wierd green leotard! 4)  Done a system restore to a fortnight back, uninstalled emerald and downloaded Ascent again - well, I no longer look like a freak to anyone because now I'm just a grey mist and all the rebaking in the world isn't going to bring me back! Apart from it being frustrating, it's also quite embarrassing so I'd really like to know if anyone else has had this prob and has successfully sorted it out.
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