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  1. Hello I am looking for a texture maker who can make me a good looking skin for my mesh kemono body. I have the old skin I was using for my old avi but I want it to be on my kemono avi but because its mesh body it needs a whole new layout If you can help me leave a message here or im me in second life. ^^
  2. Hello all I am looking for an animator who is familiar with animating the Equestrian Pride Mero Pony Avatar. I am currently working on a project that needs an animation to be done for it. However I do not have knowledge for animating this kind of avatar so I am looking for an animator who can pull it off. For now I only need one animation to be made and it is not to hard. However I will be needing the animator again in the future for other projects. This project I will be paying so rest assured you will be paid for your hard work. If you are intrested in the work please contact me on second life or leave a message here where we can discuss about the project and payment. Thank you for taking the time to read my post it is most appreciated. My Secondlife Account - tails zelin
  3. I think it be cute if you made a wolf or fox avatar out of mesh.
  4. Hello im looking for a custom avatar builder to build a custom avatar for me. This goes for mesh or sculpted prims I also do have ref for you go of. Pls contact me in sl to disscuss about what i want and how much you will charge do so also provide some exmaples of your work like pictures of them. Thanks
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