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  1. Prim gifts? Pffft. Sandbox? Okay, fair enough. No different that Linden Home. A nice gesture, yes - but after a week - out of sight, out of mind. Practically useless. (Not really - they ARE useful, just never used). HOW ABOUT: The full package of VOICE MORPHS for free. It doesn't require rezzing (like prim gifts), doesn't require me to spend any time there (Linden Home we NEVER visit), doesn't require me to clean up after myself (sandbox). And since it can be used ANYWHERE I'll always have it available, and since it's fun, I'll ACTUALLY USE IT, and since it's a'ways on and works no matter what viewer others are using inccluding TPV it will create AWARENESS. Gee... FUN, Works EVERYWHERE is EFFORTLESS and FREE? Sounds like a win for premiums and even LL (new non-prmium subscribers to voice morphs or stepping up tp premium) if you ask me.
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