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  1. what I would like done, OBJECT ENTRY on linden roads on the continent, I have a automated pod system that functions continuously on the mainland cause the lindens roads are set to object entry... but on the bellisaria continent the land the roads are on is not set to allow object entry making my automated ride stop and get returned (you know the ride if you've ever ridden the pods on the linden roads) at each sim crossing.... one of my favorite things about the mainland roads is those automated pod rides for the days I just wanna see the sights and not drive...… hopefully they change that and
  2. well I stayed in height, and a small village would be in theme... to an extent.... the style is similar to the homes as well. maybe @Patch Linden can say?
  3. I turned my linden home into a small village, complete with a sweet treat café, plant shop, psychic tarot parlor, a public library (with free books! you can wear as a HUD) and a pool-hall where you can play pool with your friends for free! a yoga studio & Sauna.... (and my house nestled in the back)go check it out! Fox-Chase Village http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fox%20Chase/221/162/36
  4. OK so i set up a tour covering 90% of the continent...... SLurl here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fox%20Chase/226/167/36 but unfortunately unlike mainland these sims have no object entry making the guided tour unable to continue, they get stuck at the next sim crossing if the person leaves the vehicle... (mainland allowed these vehicles to continue non stop across the continent on repeat so people could easily use them..... my question will the sim roads be made with object entry like the mainland roads? hope you guys enjoy my tour http://maps.secondli
  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE REZZ ZONES!!!!!! (there is an empty triangle in front of my house i'd suggest) I have been exploring and love the little parks and how each area has a different look.... and WOW I've actually met NEIGHBORS!!!!!!! (YES PLURAL!! its happened more than once already!) I didn't know they still existed in Secondlife
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