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  1. I still don't get it... If some people crave for solitude, why not simply go to a private sim? Or why even bother staying in a social game like SL? But don't you guys worry: We've been asking for ban lines to be removed for as long as I can remember (2005, in my case), and LL has never agreed with it. I doubt they will go that way in the rest of the mainland, unfortunately. But, try as I may, I can't help but get a "get out of my lawn" vibe out of these people.
  2. By RL FAA rules? A few dozen ppl? Surely. By SL rules? Not by a long shot. Hence why I stated previously that this comparison made no sense at all, imo.
  3. Yup, I know this very well. But you insisted on a theoretical "1000 feet minimum" on the post this reply comes from. Read (c) carefully again, please. Also, do pay attention to the word "sparsely", which would probably be 90-95% of all mainland. Technically, we would be able to fly even lower than 500 feet at a lot of places in SL, by FAA rules (which, btw, makes no sense to me at all. SL is a very different beast from RL, imho)
  4. Oh boy, don't tell this to the bunch of RL bush pilots I happen to know. You would be surprised at how that number is actually off. Remember: Not everything flying out there happens to be 787s... (actually, none of those are flying nowadays, heh) Also, care to share with us where your numbers are coming from? The "restrict the many to satisfy the few" had me very curious, when spoken as scientific unquestionable truth.
  5. No Ban Lines and a LL approved rational security orb (finally!)? I'm sold! ^^ Keep up the excellent work, guys
  6. Wow, I'm really pleased with this new continent. Been around since 2005, and very few times I remember being as excited as I am right now. Maybe it's just me, but seeing this huge influx of players into this new region, slowly turning it into a bustling community, is really fun to watch. So much so, that I have barely even touched my boathouse or beach house (was among the first few to get land as well, so got very nice spots for both). Sure, there's always the oddball here and there with their tasteless builds, etc... But, overall, I'm pleasantly surprised by how careful the current comm
  7. Thank you very much! Worked perfectly, and I just learned another subject to further properly study. ^^ You're golden. Cheers
  8. Howdy I'm currently struggling with a problem that I can't see to figure out. The idea behind the script I need is to have it say something when touched, following a list. I need it to say each item of that list once per touch, pausing between items until it's touched again, eventually looping to the first item. So, if list ChatList = ["A","B","C","Etc."]; I need it to say just "A" when first touched. Then "B" when touched a second time, "C" a third, "Etc." on its fourth touch, and it loops back to "A" if touched a fifth time. I can get it to say everything at once
  9. Actually, LL would be to blame here, like most developers in other games with a character creator: they still see upper male arms as just "one whole thing", allowing just a single width and length setting for it, at most. See that picture you and many others loved? Well his arms would look much bigger looking from a "side perspective". Why? Because then his triceps, a much bigger muscle, would also be fully visible. Unfortunatelly, we don't have that kind of control in SL, so if we try to mimick that look, it would actually end with a much "thinner looking" upper arms, depending on how you loo
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