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  1. More importantly: who's going to judge what is a fully decorated house, and what isn't? Does it has to use all the LI available? Can it have empty rooms? Does it need a fully landscaped garden? And god forbid any given owner decides to save some LI so he can have a nice skybox as well or even a little sandbox of his own, heh? Nope, can't have that. Must fully decorate his house according to someones else totally subjective view, right? And let's not even discuss about how much time one should spend online inside his Linden House in order to "deserve" keeping it. Let me guess: ho
  2. Yup. Not only heavy mesh, but especially 1024 res textures. Each LI of those 351 can "hold" several of these. And they do take a large toll at rendering, download and generating lag. What is even worse: Even though there are legitimate uses for such heavy (by SL standards, mind you) texture (an airplane fuselage, for instance, that needs a lot of details in it; or a painting, etc...), most of the mesh items I see could very well do with 512 res textures. A significant number could do with just 256 as well. There is no reason to have a 1024 res plain white pastel wall, but people stil
  3. Well, they probably placed it there because that sim has the LI to spare, since its just plain water, apparently. Also, the approach there has no obstacles whatsoever, which is another plus as well. If that's, indeed, the case, perhaps some sort of scripted barge, big enough to fit a car or two in it if needed, traveling from the NE part of that sim (has some land in it) towards the island and back every few minutes could work? Would also possibly become something fun to do as well. I also felt like it could have a few more props in the lil' island. Something to attract ppl ther
  4. Few problems. The major one would be that you need a plane that could take off in less than 30mts (probably 20-25mts, realistically speaking. Maybe even less, depending on the size of the given aircraft.), since 32mts is the max distance most 1024 párcels have available. Not all aircraft can do that. Also, for those that appreciate flying, takeoffs and landings are a very important part of it. Being able to see the scenery apparently has a huge impact on immersion. Finally, most people that enjoy flying also enjoy doing so while being able to see whats happening around you. 2000mts
  5. Why? I believe you're thinking about this the wrong way. Forget about the common way we think of airports and marinas in the main grid. Nope, nothing like that. Think about it as scenery. A destination. Like an island, with a rez zone in it. Very low maintenance (or, at the very least, as much as any regular public place), and not only it adds to the scenery, but also gives planes a place to actually take off from. If you aren't against lighthouses, parks, pools, beaches, etc... You shouldn't be against an airport, when its added as a prop, with rez zones capability. T
  6. I beg to differ. See all those roads and waterways? They're not just for "looks". LL want us to explore. They want us to have something to do in the new continent, besides decorating our shiny new LH. See all those lighthouses, pools, etc? Again, not just for the "looks". They're destinations. When you are out there exploring, or travelling, or whatever, you need those. They become the end goal. Ultimately, once you've seen everything, you travel toward those, eventually. Forget all we knew about LH. These aren't the old ones. LL is going for something different here. Rez zones,
  7. Indeed! Great news. I honestly thought it could take them longer to do that, with all the current work they have at their hand nowadays. Kudos ^^
  8. I honestly beg to differ. First: baked communities DO work when done right. Just check all those several huge privately run estates (Hollywood, Eden, Fair Chang, etc... ) which have been running for several years. Now, it is anything but new? When has LL removed ban lines before? When did they really put an effort in the overall looks of the continent as they did in Bellisseria? Not even Blake is close to that. What made Blake such a huge success, when it comes to desirability, is its sheer quantity of "water" parcels and the freedom of travel in it. Guess what? The ne
  9. If your parcel is correctly set, that person would have to literally guess when you are changing clothes. Then approach your parcel, which takes some time, and then, after entering, take the pic in the few secs he/she has available to do so. Meanwhile, you could be changing in your skybox. Or tp to it as soon as someone gets too close. Or tp elsewhere. Or avoid changing clothes when other players are in the vicinity. Or use your body's alpha while changing, etc...Oh! And ban list that person for eternity, so he would never be able to approach your land again. Look, I get it. You want
  10. Ban lines again. See? Basically, the other group would have to compromise and accept that there will be some regions where their movement will be restricted. Remember that part of not wanting an unpassable barrier? They would have to compromise with that. Try as you may, either you get away with ban lines, and have one group unsatisfied, or keep it, which will mean the other group won't be able to really go wherever they want without encountering a barrier. Now, which group should get what?
  11. And there lays the problem, imho. People are talking about trying a compromise, and, yet, can even agree with a small delay, which will be necessary in order for people to leave your property. Simple as that. They desire the option that people can't enter it. Period. Ever. Only a ban line can do that (or a ban list), and, therefore, there isn't any compromise. They want the "status quo" maintained. Simple as that. Most of the suggestions I saw here clearly shows that in a way or another: Bring back ban lines; Create an entirely new continent just with ban lines; Recreate the wh
  12. This! Maybe we should consider waiting for the new orb to be implemented, and see how this new LH experience LL is trying goes for a bit before we all start trying to give suggestions as if we knew better than LL itself? At least so we can all have some actual real experience with this new thing? I don't know.... It just feels like we all want things OUR way, and keep coming up with excuses for explaining why it should or shouldn't be. And yes, this goes both ways (both groups, and, yup, me included). The more I look at this thread, the less I think of it. It is steadily doing n
  13. Fix? I doubt it as well. But at least would put an end to this discussion. I mean, if people are going to question even a democratic decision, then I sincerely don't know what else will do. It's how communities solve their differences: They vote. There's no fairer way, hence why I keep mentioning it. Otherwise, its just people (myself included) veiledly pushing their personal agenda over and over.
  14. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Poll it! Instead of coming up with ideas of why "I" should be allowed to have ban lines, or free movement, etc... All of which are, to a certain degree, subjective (it is, after all, a personal point of view), just poll it within the community. Whatever the result may be, implement it. And end this. Otherwise, it will just be a never-ending discussion where, unfortunately, both parties have some reason. This will go on, and on...
  15. Every time someone puts up his Ban Line, that becomes data. Every single time someone opens up a ticket, that becomes data. Everything posted in their forums also becomes data. Every suggestion they ever got, also becomes data. Etc, etc... Trust me, they do have plenty of info concerning what the majority of the community wants, imho. I sincerely doubt they merely went with a creative impulse, and see where the chips may fall. But, I stand by what I said earlier: Poll it and end this nonsense about what the majority does or does not want. Simple as that.
  16. Well, I say put it to a vote. Make a poll about the subject, and let's really see what the majority desires. But, just between us, do you guys really think that LL made this decision without the metrics behind it? I sure hope they aren't that amateur
  17. I already did that with two extra lots that I had earlier before when I learned the lots were all gone. Quite a few people that I know did the same thing as well. And probably quite a few more will do the same in the next few hours. You see, some of us actually do care about the community. Quite a few, actually. It's not just all about ban lines and the likes.
  18. Makes sense. And you're completely right. Ban lists are a necessity. It's the right tool (along with ignore) for us to limit who we wish to interact with. But, truth be told, I don't ever remember people complaining about ban lists. Just ban lines.
  19. Motorboats can be pretty loud. So can jetskis. Cars can too (especially muscle ones, or sports). So can trucks and the likes. Motorcycles can be especially loud as well (choppers). Truth be told, I've heard AVies carrying so much sound scripts in them that would make a helicopter pale in comparison. So why just focus on flying objects? In the end, this is, before anything else, a community. So compromises will have to be made. On both sides.
  20. A security orb would easily take care of that. As would adding such person to your ban list. That way, he/she would never, ever, be able to do that again. And it would take mere seconds to do so. But still, to some (and, mind you, I am in no way implying that you happen to be one of those) those seconds are more important than the well being of the SL community as a whole. Or, at the very least, a not insignificant part of it.
  21. Most pilots don't, in my experience. Also, there are incomparably more ppl just flying low too, without any vehicle attached to them. This isn't just about flying with some prims attached to you emulating a vehicle. The freedom of movement SL allows will make situations like ppl flying at your eye level happen often. So, what's next? Ban flying altogether? Still, a decently tuned security orb will take care of any situation like that. So, then again, why ban lines?
  22. I saw one available yesterday with one of my alts (didn't grab it though, since I already have one myself). If you're interested in it, keep trying. I'm sure you will eventually get it
  23. Those are the tools you will use when dealing with real nuisance, imho. Hence why I said "ultimately". But yes, I have no beef with decently programmed security orbs. As long as it's not a 3 secs warning and home TP, I'm perfectly fine with it. It's why I believe LL going in this direction is a good thing. So that every security orb out there in the new continent will behave exactly how they think it should. Nothing more nor less.
  24. Game or not, It IS a majorly social environment. People will interact with you sooner or later, rather you dig it or not. That's undeniable. My point still stands.
  25. Not just flying vehicles, but especially land and floating ones as well. These can have a real hard time getting around ban lines. Ban list and ignore. That's, ultimately, all the tools most will ever need, imho. But people still think they need even more... Oh, well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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