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  1. On 6/5/2020 at 10:49 AM, Alwin Alcott said:

    if you click the link in the post above, this one:  http://slnamewatch.com/?action=list_records&status_filter=heritage&sort_order=ASC&order_by=last_name
     you can all ( as far i know) last names that are used already in the old system.

    Clarity will be , as said nót be available, not even by ticket.

    "Last name was never open, or it was closed prior to SLNameWatch.com launch date."


    Wow, mine doesn't even show up there. 

    I feel... ancient :P

  2. This again?


    Sooo... let me guess? Let's all get our sickles and go in a witch hunt of sorts right?

    Look, that guy doesn't have enough trafic in his parcel! Away with him.

    And there! That other completely unknown person doesn't have any prims in his parcels! Begone with him!

    That one does have 6 LI in his parcel, so that's a completely different case. He is worthy to stay!

    See where this is going?

    You will have people judging others without knowing the truth behind why their parcel aren't used enough as per your personal opinion.

    Worst: we already have people "checking" other people's parcels, in order to see how many prims are there, how much trafic, existence of a skybox, etc... 

    And somehow, this kind of behavior is supposed to "bring us together as a community"?


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  3. Okay, this is straight from the man himself...

    "[15:34] Patch Linden: I predict that they will not launch before 7am SLT tomorrow"

    But then, he did:

    "[15:34] Patch Linden shakes his 8 ball for some more advice"

    So, heh, who knows, right?


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  4. 2 minutes ago, Suspended Shepherd said:


    Okay, that does it!

    I motion to a vote that for now on the word "soon" shall be completely eradicated from any mole or linden vocabulary!

    It shall be replaced by the words now, instantly or momentarily. :P

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  5. Hey! 

    I just realized once they are released we will be 6 sims shorter to the Satori connection dream!

    We're almost getting there! Almost!

    Err... okay, I might have been mildly exaggerating here, but still, progress, right? :P

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Niki Felicci said:

    I can't see any names on the map but Abnor Mole is removing the parcel boaundary thingies they used and Wendi Linden is buzzing around/



    Any minute now... within the next few days, that is :P

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    SSP 402, 418, 434, 450, 466 - nice places. Will they be laggy, since they are facing old Bellisseria? What do you think?

    Do you think it will get a new, official name? Or will it be simply Bellisseria, all of it?

    I think the water sims between the new and the old will be popular for sailing.

    Laggy? Possibly, but theoretically that could be solved by lowering ones fov, right? We do get a whole sim of water, at least, between both. 

    Official name? No idea, but "Pickle Island" is probably going to be its unnofficial name, at least. I mean, it even has a named bar after it, right? 😛

    And yes, this will be excellent for sailing. Too bad the moles didn't open up a bit more around Pickle Island. If they did, circumventing it would probably become a thing. As it is right now, there are a few houseboats that gets in the way, which means one would have to go through it in order to get to the other side.

    But yeah, that new channel looks gold for general boating.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Blush Bravin said:

    Just going to put this out right here - until it's visible on the map I'm not believing it's going out east of the continent. I still think it's going to end up where the pickle is located in the original SSP work area. I could be wrong .. but I really .. really don't believe where you can see it currently is where it's going to end up!!

    I would be very, very surprised if this happens.

    Why? Because the moles have already started setting up each parcel. If they change its location, they would have to do it all over again. 

    I believe what we are seeing now is, indeed, the final placement.

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  9. 1 hour ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Since tier is billed in arrears, there will always be one more tier bill after you sell off land that you had been paying tier on.  If tier bills on the 15th and you sell on the 14th, you will still have a bill on the next day, the 15th.  If you sell on the 16th, the day after paying tier, you will pay tier one more time on the 15th of the following month.


    ETA: I'm not currently paying any tier; haven't for a few months now, but my tier setting is still at either 8K or 16K.



    You're charged for peak land usage on a given period. Even if for just a couple of hours. The tier per se doesn't mean you will pay for it. But if you actually use the land (or donate it), then you will be charged for the biggest amount you used.

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  10. 41 minutes ago, Gabriele Graves said:

    And yet when the answer changes from "Soon" to "Now", it is the forums that will be updated first and those following the forums will still be in the know before the rest of the userbase that does not follow the forums.  Hard to understand how that helps.  In fact this scheme has one other bad side effect.  Makes things harder for people who are not in US timezones to react when that answer changes to "Now".  At least if there were some notice, non-US people could plan to stay up late/early, etc.

    In summary, if you follow the forum and are in the US timezone, you definitely have the advantage over others for availability at release time.


    Not necessarily.

    And, again, I'm not (or trying to, at least) taking sides here, just trying to remember arguments from back in the day.

    i.e. I did manage to get a house, and learned about it in game, in one of the groups I'm part of before I read it here.

    And because people didn't know beforehand, those houses were available for 48hrs. Maybe, if this was given a proper time frame, they would be gone much sooner, as more people that go to the forums would know about it, and prepare accordingly.

    By not giving us a precise estimate, the biggest "advantage" we have is that we know when they are available once it's finally released. And those of us that aren't able to claim it at the time (RL issues, no internet, etc) will all be in equal grounds since no one had any information previous to its release.

    The argument back then was something of the sorts, if I'm not mistaken.

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  11. Back in 2004-2005 this was discussed ad nauseam on the forums when the first land program was a going thing.

    There were people asking for a timeline, so they could better prepare in order to try to catch the land they wished, and those that argued that this would give an unfair advantage to those that follow these forums which, at the time at least, was a vast minority of all Second Life users.

    Not taking any side here, but it became clear that LL agrees with the last group since then. These type of things are never given a precise estimate. "It will be available when it's available" is how these things usually go.

    As such, I would be very (but pleasantly) surprised if LL gives us anything besides a "soon". Shockingly surprised, even ;) 

    It would be one of those times where I would love to be wrong, you know?

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  12. Sincerely?

    I would love having the ability of limited movement of the Linden House placement itself. And the direction it's facing. Nothing major, but just enough so we could better align it to things surrounding it, and possibly choose which windows gets which view, within a limited range, of course. 

    Another plus of such ability is that the neighborhood as a whole would  possibly look quite a bit more "organic", with neighboring houses not in the exact same location within its parcel and facing the exact same direction.

    10 hours ago, AzaleaBumbleshoot said:

    I disagree that it wouldn't be easy to drop another neighborhood. We see entire expansive role play sims go up in a matter of a week very often. Gorgeous sims. Not to mention there are rezzers which work for 1/4 sims. For the terrain it's as simple as a RAW file. 


    If you're talking about truly gorgeous sims, the likes that get featured in sites like Inara's, etc... I guarantee that very, very rarely that can be done in a week. A month (considering planning, building, etc), if lucky, would be a much more realistic number. Possibly way more.

    Still, let's work with that "one week" number of yours: The next "batch" of Linden Homes will be the "Pickle Island" Houseboats, which has 40 sims in total. If each took one week, it would take the moles 10 months (!) to finish just that. Instead, they will probably deliver that in little over a month. That's roughly 8-10 sims per week. All carefully manually done and tested, with no copy-paste stuff in it.

    Considering the end result, that's a pretty amazing job if you ask me.

    Just saying ;)

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  14. 1 minute ago, Heathernorton said:

    I thought the new houseboat island was going to replace the "pickle", I guess we will know soon enough 


    Me too!

    But eight sims wide channel? Sounds a bit too much, right?

    Especially when that's precisely what you need to fit the island, and still keep the channel at its current wideness.

    I don't know... It's just too big of a coincidence, imho...

    But yes, we will know soon enough. :D

  15. 22 minutes ago, s2Pandora said:

    Southern channel is now 8 wide (dark blue has been extended over).


    Which would be just wide "enough" to fit the new boathouse island... (five for the island per se, and an extra one to allow navigation around it = 6; Add to it the 2 old channel ones, and there you go = 8 sims wide)

    Just saying... ;)

  16. 30 minutes ago, kiramanell said:


    A mite too 'brutally honest' for my taste, tbh. Especially the 'you snooze you lose' part. For one, it was never announced that this was going to be a race, where you were not supposed to 'snooze.' Many ppl were either not present for the grande moment (for whatever reason), realized the fact too late, or simply weren't aware they were required to jump on them tout suite. I mean, I, for one, never had to 'fight' over my old Meadowbrook home, LOL. For two, I do not believe LL ever presented this as a 'you snooze you lose' deal either (in fact, I specifically asked about that, when I first came here). They said they knew these were going to be popular (but probably nonetheless still underestimated the enormous rush on this new continent).

    At best I will say, that some ppl -- including yours truly -- were simply unfortunate enough to miss the boat, so to speak. 😉 (LOL, you'd think there be some diminishing returns on boat puns, but nope). It's more of a reality deal, honestly: they simply couldn't produce 60,000 of these all at once (at least not without degenerating to some horrific sort of 'copy & paste' tactic). As a result of them doing it right, some ppl will have to wait a bit. Unfortunate, on the one hand; but on the other, if you think about it, extreme high demand denotes extreme high quality. :) So, it's all good.

    While I do mostly agree with you, I do believe we have to make a few considerations:

    1) There was a rather long "snooze" period. 12 hours for houseboats, and 48 hours (roughly) for houses. Enough time for ppl to sleep, to work, etc... Especially considering one doesn't even have to be in-game in order to get a house. All he needs is a browser and access to his LL account;

    2) Sure, some people did get very lucky. But others have been religiously following the forums, in-game groups, etc for months, literally, waiting for Bellisseria to become a thing. They surely did deserve their houses (mind you, I wasn't one of those. I just happen to log daily, so, with such big "snoozing timers" for those new LH, I heard about it in one of my groups many hours after they first became available. And still, easily, managed to get one). It wasn't as difficult nor rare as some people are seen to think now;

    3) The "first come, first served" policy has been around LL for eons. A lot of people weren't around when it first happened, but that's how the initial 512 sq m land was first offered in the mainland, back in 2004-2005. No one was told beforehand where and when land became available. You just had to be "lucky" enough to be around the desired land when it became available, and grab it before anyone else did. It's how things were always done in SL. Not saying its right nor fair, just that it shouldn't surprise people it went this way.

    4) What other option was there? Lottery? A system LL has never dealt with, which would surely demand devs in order to develop it, taking them away from more important issues? And, most importantly, which, like any other system, would end up with people complaining about it as well in the end? 

    The truth is, unless LL could meet all its demand on the very first day, people are always going to complain about it. And they are well within their rights (they are, after all, paying customers). It's just that such a solution was basically impossible, from a practical point of view.

    But, most importantly, we should have more LH and LHB coming within the next few days. If everything goes well, this kind of discussions will be moot in the very near future, with everyone happy and well in their cozy little homes. I surely can't wait for that to happen. 

    The sooner, the better. :D 


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  17. 2 minutes ago, Gryphon Ronas said:

    If I had a houseboat I would not want a helicopter perched on top, I'd have a seaplane / float plane though


    And, funny thing: Unless I'm mistaken (happens quite more often than I would like, unfortunately), that's a Dani Arrow IV, which already comes with the built-in option for floats.

    Which means that the owner of said parcel really just have a thing for floating airstrips or something of the sorts... :P

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  18. 1 hour ago, Marianne Little said:

    Sorry for being so emotional. It has been bothering me, since it was first aired that alts shouldn't have a place.

    I used "what about empty land" because I was feeling guilty. Like, who am I to show up my home(s) when so many are waiting. It wasn't me who raised the skybox issue, by the way.

    Who can look in the mirror and say with confidence: I never use whataboutism!

    Yes, I want to change home, not post any more pictures, take a break. I have been home bc of health issues, I normally don't spend so much time on SL.

    Okay, I'll share a little story here. I just got the permission for that, as long as I keep the person unnamed.

    I recently managed to bring back an RL friend of mine that has been away for almost a decade. Her AVie dates from 2003 (which is even older than me), and are rarer and rarer these days.

    She left because of marriage, pregnancy, sons, etc... Real life happened, as usual.

    And I've been trying to bring her back for years, since she is dear to me.

    Well, guess what? Bellisseria finally managed that. I can't describe in words how happy I was when she returned. And, to top it off, she managed to grab a lil' spot for her. Nothing too spectacular nor shabby, just a nice little house on a hill.

    Oh well, being a single working mother with not much money to spare, she did what any sensible adult would do: She is taking her sweet time in order to "relearn" SL (a lot changed since she left), and, most importantly, researching the marketplace so her hard earned real money is, indeed, well spent.

    Makes sense, no?

    Well, a few days ago I just learned she was seriously considering leaving again. Why? Because, somehow, some people were actually questioning her if she was ever going to furnish her plot, that she should just leave it so others could use it, that it was extremely selfish of her doing that, and so on and so forth

    They didn't care about why she hasn't done anything yet. Nope. They were just judging her, and carried forth with her said "sentence".

    Not surprisingly, she is feeling pretty down right now. Even more so after she checked the forums here, and read a bit about it.

    So, again, I do understand where you are coming from. Probably more than you think ;)


    Bottom line: Keep your home and boathouse, and don't allow anyone to say a thing about it. It took 12 hours for the Boathouses to be gone, and a whopping 48 hrs roughly for the houses. If someone didn't manage to get one, they should blame their luck and LL planning, NEVER another fellow paying premium player, nor think that it's up to these players to "correct" said situation, as apparently some may have understood in Abhor's post (and no, I'm sure he didn't mean it like that. People just chose to interpret what he said like it).

    It's about time some people learn that.



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  19. 35 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    I have seen so many posters talk about how they feel judged if they don't have the house totally decorated or the garden filled. So it is not just me who takes things personal. Why someone goes that far, is beyond me. I don't judge them.

    Yes, I take it personal when a mole suggested that those with more than 1 premium should perhaps take just one home. Or in another thread, that a person should not be allowed to have more than 1 premium. It is so many threads now with unhappy people, I can't keep up with them all. I am tempted to not post any pictures in here and just hide that I got something by sheer luck. I was supposed to be on a place without internet the day of the release. So I wasn't.

    FYI, I took and counted 8 houseboats who has 351 Li still, in my sim three, and the rest in neighboring sims. So if I am a with, come and set me on fire. This section of the forums isn't fun anymore.


    I do totally understand what you mean, no hard feelings here. And no need to set anyone on fire. :P

    But I do believe Abhor made a mistake when he "suggested" (and yes, that's all it was) that people should consider dropping houses.


    Because, LL employee or not, whatever a mole says might be considered LL policy by some. So it's not surprising that people read it, and suddenly believe they are entitled to someones' parcel just because of said suggestion. Internet being what it is, suddenly that becomes an enforced rule to some.

    It isn't. It never was. LL never forced people to use their parcel.

    Worst: It divides us even more as a community. Now, we might be judging each other's "worth" of being or not an LH owner, because of what some would consider a LL mistake.

    Remember: Ultimately, they are the ones responsible for the release of the new LH. And yet, here we are. "Burning witches"... (and for god's sake no! I didn't mean you! I love your posts here. I usually "like" them before even reading it, so I'm biased here)

    It just saddens me... I really, sincerely, do have high hopes for Bellisseria and what its community might become. These type of things just goes against everything I hope it will be.

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  20. 10 minutes ago, Pimxi said:

    I really hope I will not have a similar neighbor.



    Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that is a clear violation of the Covenant.

    *"...*Linden Homes should be kept presentable and in-theme to their unique areas...."

    *"...The exterior should always remain in theme out of consideration for your neighbors..."

    I would seriously consider reporting that if I were you. Just saying ;)


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  21. 5 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    Don't twist my words, if any of you think it's something I said. In this thread, or another, I have mentioned a house and a boat in my sim. I don't go spying in peoples windows, but when they are bordering my place, I can't help noticing nothing there. And I mean they both have 351 LI still, they haven't rezzed a single prim.

    Don't claim it is about "too little decorating" or "not enough gardening".. They have nothing rezzed. Period.

    And I have said, there can be RL illness, or a sudden change in work or some other issue. We can not know. I just found it odd. When I mentioned it, it was because some suggested it was "greedy" or "unfair" that people who pay premium for more than one account should claim 2 places in Bellisseria.

    I compared it to me, because I don't want to step aside and abandon one place to be a better person, or something like that. So I was human and said : - I have two accounts I pay for, with a plot for each. And maybe I am a bad person. But what about those who claim a place and then don't use it, not even for a dressing room with a posestand.

    I was saying that there will always be someone who are irritated when there is a popular thing in high demand, and there will always be. Only thing that will make it better, is that they make so many new homes that people can pick here and there. And then it will not be so interesting anymore.

    Twist your words? I sincerely hope you aren't referring to lil' ol' me. I wasn't talking about you specifically. If I were, I would have quoted you, as I'm doing right now. I'm sorry if you took it personally if that's the case. It sincerely wasn't my intention.

    So, if a person puts a single prim inside his parcel, it's all good? Or two? Maybe five? Fifty? When will it be enough? Where, exactly, do we 'draw the line". Who comes up with this totally subjective number?

    It's just that some people are sincerely considering "judging" who should or shouldn't "deserve" a new Linden home, based on subjective things: the use of LI and time spent there.

    Which would means that now, someone MUST use his LI, or spend a minimum amount of time there, or both, in order to keep his parcel? When, since 2003, has LL enforced that?

    A person could be too occupied to use his plot; He could be "between" redecorations; He could be simply "planning" how he will design his plot (heck, I personally know people who spend weeks doing this); or maybe he just wasn't in the right mood yet, etc...

    That's a very dangerous line of thought.

    One that makes us start looking all over Bellissaria, and "judge" who is or isn't worthy of being there for the time being. Of being "worthy" of becoming our neighbors or not. Without having any objective means of really knowing why someone did or didn't use his LI yet.

    If you allow this type of thing to grow, you will end up with some sort of a "twisted witch hunt" in your hands. Is that the kind of community we want?

    Again, a really dangerous line of thinking, imho.


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