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  1. Go to the serch or classfieds and type in dungons and dragons or forgotten realms theirs a few large ones out their for FR
  2. Gor already has a bad rep, dont have to make it worse by showing your e-peen skills of roleplay.
  3. In r/l thats whats expected is truthfulness.....What do you want from this job....well i want to be payed or i would not need to be working. Fact is fact, if your positing in a random chance place like the SL boards, to say i want to have fun, is well folks can get fun anywhere. To say am here becuase i need themoney, you would get greater loayalty then the flights of fancy , when facing oh am here becuase am bored.
  4. *hums as he tells his frineds, as this is a good thing*
  5. Not to be the nice one here, but try marketplace and stay central on that. Build up your money and then have in world sales. Get in touch with the notice groups, and then advertise your "store" webpage through it. It will be cheaper for you then you can start rolling out into the land space. Now adays most sales are done on marketplace up to ....40-60 percent of all sales. If you need help setting up, writing item descriptions for it into he marketplace, I can help with that myself. If your not meeting land tier now, or don't have the cash to just stick with the marketplace and wait your time until you can generate it up. May you enjoy your eve, and study your topic a lil more. Like some have said above you do seem to be under educated about how to make money, and your efforts will scare away investors because of it . Amarock Amat Ghost Writing and Advertising services.
  6. Currently working with a magazine, that has monthly down-shifts,with wide open opportunity and willingness to work for others. Be it, for a project or a long term possibilities. I have done several jobs for sims looking ot recruit customers , or role-play citizens; Shops looking to spread their business opportunities including descriptive item placements for the Marketplace and Splashing land areas of physical store entrance. I do have samples of my work, and SL experience with it working.My strong points are, word choice , relating what is great about your items to others. Saving your time doing what you love, instead of worry about how to describe something. Amarock Amat Ghost Writing Services and Advertising 
  7. Hey all, the issue just came out tonight!! if your intrestedin a copy just leave a messege here, and ill send the magazine to you inworld ">http://magazine.roleplayguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/RPG-1106-Cover-Cover-story-Dawn-of-the-4th.jpg[/img]
  8. Just like to say , thank you to everyone about. We should be near to publishing the magazine and getting it out and about.If you are finding it hard to find our mag inworld Roleplayguide.com is a good way to see it. If you REALLY REALLY want to see it in world, for all the LM links and such, just contact myself (amarock amat ) With a NC please, and when the issue is done ill send it out, or benefit everyone else around you, and hassle your sim owner ((gently don't be all mean. To contact myself and possibly get a magazine giver put on your sim! Again, thank you for the community's help, we plan on being around for awhile. We happily hit the 12,000 views in the last issue and hope to only boost up higher this time. Amarock Amat Roleplay Guide Staff Member P.S. Yes we do, sell some ad space. Hiring skilled writers and folks to do layouts helps to make a better product for everyones enjoyment!!!!
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