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  1. I roleplay and sometimes have to meter fight, but lag almost always wins the battle. lol Which viewer would LL suggest i use for reducing my lag? Obviously they would want me to use the Official SL viewer, but can someone please let me know if there is a better Viewer performance wise? And I'm also new to these forums, how do I assign my signature?
  2. I Roleplay in a place called Nomos. It's the most amazing build i've seen in all of SL and I am personally a RP heavy individual. Unfortunately, I end up fighting Lag more than my opponent. I really hope in the future LL will do more to adress the lag issue because when your character is constantly losing fights it really hinders your RP experience. My character is the leader of one of the largest clans in Nomos, and when my character is constantly defeated, it becomes known that I can't fight and really causes my character to lose the respect of all the other characters. It's the reason why i haven't RP'd in the last month and it's really disappointing because i LOVE to RP. Thank you for posting this thread.
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