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  1. Absolutely brilliant (!) Thanks for this post and answer to the difficult question. It is coming handy to me now
  2. I tried to test it with a very simple script explained in the wiki page. I also got stuck in the two obvious traps when using this: 1) how to set PE with normal prims and 2) crash when specifying empty vectors. These should definitely be documented on the wiki, and they should be documented by Linden i think, otherwise we risk to have some voodoo recipes possibly wrong. 15 minutes is definitely a very short period for me to complete an even simple task. What I was trying to do is to have N objects following a circular trajectory and be sure the 4 objects are synchronized each other. Since I couldn't test due to 15 minutes timeframe, I esplicitly asked Oskar if objects are synchronized one with the other or we need to provide an explicit synch mechanism to be sure they are at the right place. Think about a Luna Park wheel where we have all the seats which should rotate but they must be properly bound to a specific part of the wheel. Thanks for synchronization clarification. UPDATE: I did a very simple test with a ping pong animation on two cubes going up and down. They seem relatively well behaving being synchronized one to the other BUT if you click-edit one of the two it gets paused and will start again from that position when relinquished. This is not exactly the kind of synchronization I had in mind for a wheel. Can you suggest a viable way to keep them synchronized? salahzar
  3. It seems your dialogger is quite cool way to control objects inworld using HUD in a whole new intriguing way. I was testing it and it appears (albeit not completely smooth) quite a smart control gear (!!!). I'll write a post on this. Meanwhile what is apparently missing from this hud is some way to provide textual input like in forms (you know llTextBox), maybe you can use a combination of llTextBox to achieve this?
  4. "Redistribution" from what I can understand means you are selling OR giving away as freebie. Excluding selling which is obviously clearly prohibited even assembling in much more complex structures. So if we read the terms it appears that you can use them for your "personal" use but should avoid to have others getting the same directly from you. This is similar to a lot of licenses. The trick here should be that if you intend to gift the model to others you should provide the link to google warehouse and not sending the model via email. If you just want to enjoy in your parcel that model it appears you can do that
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