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  1. Just go to NEW FREE 500 PAK- http://www.truebones.com/500Free.rar And heres some videos regarding the 500 Free pak
  2. iPiSoft is still on sale at Truebones until Midnight December 31st. Now you can get the amazing iPiSoft Mocap Software for the very lowest price it will ever be. iPiSoft Express for 1 kinect sensorhttp://bit.ly/iPiSoftExpress now only $279.00! iPiSoft Express Upgrade path to Basic (from Express Only) http://bit.ly/iPiSoftUpgrade now only $199.00! iPiSoft Basic "for two Kinect sensors" http://bit.ly/iPiBasicOnSale now only $399.00! A FREE and full demonstration of Using iPiSoft Basic for Dual Kinect is presented here http://bit.ly/iPiSoftKinects A NEW FREE 30 Day Demo of iPiSoft and more info is available http://www.truebones.com P.S. To view previews of the new motions before you buy visit http://www.animstreet.com This SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT NEW YEARS EVE DEC 31 2011 BUY USA!
  3. Check this out. iPiSoft Markerless Motion Capture. Create High Quality Animations with 2 Kinect Cameras. Easy and Fun, Check out this video and see how fun and easy it is.. You can download the new FREE demo at http://www.truebones.com :matte-motes-bashful:
  4. There is an update to iPiSoftware. http://tinyurl.com/6dwsor7 Check it out.
  5.  IT says it runs out in 30 days but really doesnt. It still works! Cheers:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  6. Howdy folks, You can download our newest iPiSoft Desktop Motion Capture Software for FREE! It is a time unlimited demo, Get it now at http://www.truebones.com You can use a kinect camera to track your body movements and make BVH files for upload to second life. Thanks and Cheers http://www.truebones.com
  7. Im having great results Using Ipisoft, creating great new SL motions. If your interested. Try this demo of ipi for 30 days FREE! http://goo.gl/fJXSY Visit my you tube channel It simply tracks your movements using a kinect camera
  8. Just a short note to let folks know that Bvhacker has been recently updated and is now available for download. http://www.bvhacker.com Thanks and Cheers
  9. Yes, Animstreet is way better than ANimeeple. Animeeple sucks, do not do business with them/ Cheers
  10. This is new and now open.:smileyvery-happy: If your looking for second life animations this might be the place. http://www.animstreet.com
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