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  1. yes probably you are right, i have other problems with my keyboard, so maybe it's certainly that, i didn't think it can be, thank you to open my eyes
  2. Hello everybody i need a little help, before when i wanted fly, i just use Page Up and Page Down ( to fly down) i'm searching everywhere in my Preference but Don't find Now when i want fly, i press page up and i fly ( normal ) but if i want go down, i can't use the key Page down, i must press "Stop Fly" it seems with the last Firestorm i can fly down Thank you for answering
  3. That"s a shame suppress this possibility, i only can see when my partner come online with a such sript like this, she come at different moment, then i can't stay all the day long behind my computer to wait her That's a kind of dictature from a minority
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