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  1. If you want use LL viewer, but can't stand with 2.7.4, you can always use project viewers or beta viewer until new better release is out. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers´╗┐ Current project viewer is version 2.7.6 and it does not have this bug. It have improved windlight settings.
  2. But first you could log in different region (type region name from start) if this all happens only in region where you were last time. If this does not work and your avi is still a cloud, you need reset your avatar by way I told.
  3. Sometimes this happens. Its simply fixed by using Character Test. On viewer 2 you go to Develop menu -> Avatar -> Character Tests -> Test Male/Female (on Phoenix its under Advanced menu->Character). It brings you back on newbie-look. After this you need wear all your stuffs back from your inventory. For making this easy in future: create a folder where your all important body parts are. Then you can easily wear your avi back when you done this Charcter Test first.
  4. This is maybe good thing for new users. But I wonder how they have resources to do this. Why they dont focus fully on original v2. There is alot of things to do still and interface is easy for new users because its browser-like look.
  5. Hi! On 2.5.2 you can't use pictures from your inventory as profile picture. All you can do is upload picture from your harddrive (and it does not cost any Linden which is good). If you want picture from your inventory, take pic, save it to your harddive (does not cost anything) and then upload it to web profile.
  6. Well... I noticed there is now 2 profiles. One is SL profile and another is web profile. I removed my picture and can't get any new pic to my SL profile anymore. Only web profile works, so peoples see me as grey blank icon on their friendlists. I'm on 2.5.2. Those web profiles are annoying already. Why they made them.. who has need? Old system works much better and faster you saw all necessary info on the sidebar.
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