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  1. This is going to be a really simple example but as I said before, you'll have to "counter-act" the distortion of the UVs. One way to do that in Photoshop would be to use the Edit > Transform > Warp tool and the Fisheye mode to "shink" your texture on the breast. But this will mean less pixel density in an already small UV area. We can already see harsh pixelation in the UV texture you showed, compared to the rest of the shirt, so doing this will make it even worse.
  2. Can you show us what you are seeing? The specific part of the UV you're trying to texture, and what kind of texture you're making?
  3. Unwrapping is a process where you create a "map" of what part of a texture goes where on the mesh. That determines the UVs you have to texture. Since you don't have the mesh files, you can't re-unwrap the UV. Since curved surfaces can't be perfectly represented on a flat texture plane, you'll have to either compensate for the stretching by creating an opposite distortion in the texture, or accept the stretching you see on the mesh. So if your texture is getting literally stretched, then try to create a more "dense" area there in your texture.
  4. So far we have no context at all for what these objects are doing (or for what purpose). That's why I gave the most universally applicable example instead of over-engineering it too quickly. For example, if the sound source (rezzer?)'s lifetime is greater than the collider, it should be no issue to programmatically communicate the correct URL to it before anything crosses a sim boundary and just refer to it that way.
  5. I'm a little fuzzy on the details myself, in the sense that I don't do web stuff regularly enough to give very specific answers off the top of my head. Mozilla for example has a pretty clear reference for the purpose of different HTTP methods: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Methods (Click the names for more in-depth explanations.) Which one you need depends entirely on the web server you're trying to contact. For communicating with LSL scripts, POST works similarly enough to more traditional LSL-functionality. (Since POST basically means "send message.") Same difference as HTTP vs HTTPS; that's the best answer I can give. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Try the scripts I posted and you'll see. Nope, URLs are released when the object derezzes. URLs are handled by the sim and there is a hard limit on how many URLs will be granted across all scripts in the region, so it would not make sense to "keep URLs alive" when the object goes away.
  7. This script goes in the object that wants to play sounds: key url_request; default { state_entry() { // When script starts, try to get a usable URL. url_request = llRequestURL(); } http_request(key id, string method, string body) { if (id == url_request && method == URL_REQUEST_GRANTED) { // Our request for a usable URL was granted. // Other scripts can send requests to this URL. // If requests are made, http_request event will be triggered again. llOwnerSay("Listening at: " + body); } else { // Assume somebody made a request. llOwnerSay(body); // if (body == "trigger sound") // llTriggerSound(sound, 1); } } } And this goes in the colliding object: default { // collision_start(integer n) touch_start(integer n) { // This URL is an example. The script needs some way to discover this. string url = "http://simhost-08e4294b960b4fa2c.agni.secondlife.io:12046/cap/f986cc2d-2f89-780b-c3d4-496c7ca6599e"; llHTTPRequest(url, [HTTP_METHOD, "POST"], "trigger sound"); llOwnerSay("Sent request to URL"); } }
  8. llRequestURL and then send llHTTPRequest to that. You need a way for the sender to know the receiver's URL, though. Depending on what you're doing, that might become very tricky.
  9. You can achieve the same effect as path-cut prims by expanding the mesh on one side, so that the bounding box' center is on the edge of the visible mesh object. Basically this, note the extra plane on the left side. You don't need to set the origin, but setting it to geometry helps you check if you've done it correctly. You also don't need to use an entire quad, and even if you do, you should scale it down to infinitely flat (0) on one side so that it doesn't show in-world.
  10. This is probably not what's happening, but if you send someone a IM as soon as they log off but before their avatar disappears from the world, their status will change from offline back to online and stay that way until you message them again.
  11. Literally type "f list" into Google and click on the first result.
  12. Does this help? default { touch_start(integer n) { llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>, 1, 1); llSleep(1.135); llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>, 0, 0); llSleep(0.5); llSetText((string)llFrand(1), <1,1,1>, 1); } }
  13. The problem you're dealing with is that the object's actual rotation doesn't change during llTargetOmega. So when you call llSetRot at the end, using the same rotation the object already has, nothing is communicated to the viewer because technically nothing has changed. To send an object-update to nearby viewers, you have to change *something* about the object, which is what Qie's advice does.
  14. PRIM_POSITION has a gotcha about how it works based on context. When you're moving child links, PRIM_POSITION works the same as PRIM_POS_LOCAL. So [PRIM_POSITION, llGetPos + <0,0,1>] is trying to move the prim very far away from the root, because it's the same as [PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llGetPos + <0,0,1>].
  15. I wasn't aware it was/is/originated from the gay/queer community. The description and usage seem to perfectly mirror how cis/straight couples use it, both in SL and in real life.
  16. I don't disagree with your point that simply making your avatar taller is the easiest and safest choice if your main goal is to avoid bans or drama. You're entirely right there. Same about non-humans. But if your avatar is simply a realistically sized human adult and you don't think there's anything wrong with that, keeping your avatar as-is and searching for places where you are accepted the way you are is what I would consider the best thing to do in the long run, as it will push you toward people who have a similar mindset. (These people exist, I promise.) I don't condone intentionally going to "no kids" places with your super-short avatars to stand your ground against a group that's not gonna like you. If you are asked to change or leave, you should respectfully do so (that's what I do), it's not a big ask. If the staff operates under a "ban first, warn after" policy, that's a bullet dodged regardless of what the reason was. OP also hasn't specified if there's anything adult going on. The only context we have is that there's bingo involved.
  17. Find better people/places to hang out at. I think people who only care about relative height are pretty dumb small-minded people, unless there are other correlating factors about your avatar. You should include a picture, but the number of "babies" you have doesn't really mean anything in a virtual world. We already have cats and dogs living together and walking on two feet. I primarily use very short avatars (my main avatar is 150cm or 4'11") and I've almost never been called a child (happens maybe once every 3 years), not even my human avatars which are quite realistically tall (all under 6 feet). While it could be considered discrimination (depending on your specific circumstances, which we don't know still), that's totally fine in SL and height is not a protected class even in real life. Height discrimination is a form of equal opportunity in sports, or protecting your life in rollercoasters, for example.
  18. It's a bit weird how they used "Mama, Matriarch, Mum" but not "Papa, Patriarch, Pop" to stay consistent. It's not that hard to come up with word pairs once a year. Probably for the others. I think Daddy is fine, but they should've at least given us Mommy too!
  19. Put it in an audiobook and I'll go through 400 pages like it's nothing.
  20. Basically: Go to a place on account A and identify yourself. Go to the same place on account B and identify yourself. A and B both get banned. Go to a new place on either account and identify yourself. Get banned immediately, because this system has already flagged you. And let's not forget: Go to a place and identify yourself. Change the URL you're given to associate your IP with someone else's account. Yours and that someone else's account gets banned.
  21. While selling through a distributor (Amazon/Ebay/Etsy/B2B) might have some practical differences, individual businesses are absolutely able (and willing) to ban individual customers in real life. It would be crazy if that wasn't the case; some customers are simply not worth the money they might bring in, and it's very easy to find stories of people getting barred as customers, especially in the US.
  22. You could ask the same thing about literally any feature that opens a path to an external service. Doesn't matter if it's a music stream, parcel media, Media On A Prim, or any links in chat. Anything short of having LL work as a middle-man (as with voice chat) will potentially expose your IP to another resident, because that's how the internet works by design. The problem is that it's not really viable for LL to be the middle-man for every external service. It costs them on many levels to do that, never mind the complications of actually having to design and implement those features. Music streams might be relatively simple but it would cost them bandwidth (and maintenance) to re-stream the music stream to every user, instead of having the user connect directly to the stream. This would also cause a delay in the stream (several seconds or worse), or even prevent streaming altogether if LL's music re-streaming service was down. Parcel media / MOAP would be much more complicated, as they would have to make web-requests on your behalf and render/stream the result back to you. They'd have to implement mouse/keyboard simulation, etc. Basically a remote desktop, but a browser. This alt detector could be done without any scripts/media/stream at all. If they have access to a web server, they could manually IM a link for you to click. When you do, and the link opens in your browser outside of the viewer, your IP address will show up on the server. Heck, they could do it right here on the forum. Basically what you're saying is that these features should not exist unless LL would spend a lot more time on creating and maintaining much more complicated (and futile) systems which are prone to fail and costly to fix. (And it's not like LL has enough time or people to work on existing issues or new features.)
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