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  1. Lua is at least not proprietary to just Roblox, unlike LSL.
  2. LSL is a completely useless language outside of Second Life. The chances of you finding a "professional LSL scripter" anywhere but here is basically zero. You could always go asking around for the scripters of big SL brands.
  3. I've updated the wiki page. https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetVehicleFlags
  4. I don't know whether it's caused by slow network or decoding, but seeing mesh objects as spheres before they fully gain their shape is expected. If they never gain their shape, something's definitely wonky.
  5. I can edit the llSetVehicleFlags page if you can come up with the wording. It does have a link to llRemoveVehicleFlags, but the purpose of that function isn't fully explained there either.
  6. Get creative and repurpose those animations. You'll be surprised how versatile the majority of them can be, especially if you're one for toys.
  7. I don't disagree with your point, but I think you missed mine. Part of "optimizing your scripts" is adapting your build, which prims aren't always enough for.
  8. The sandboxes I've been at tend to have groups of people just gather and socialize, usually content creators or modders showing off whatever they've made or are currently working on. Being able to rez also creates some silly shenanigans.
  9. Sandboxes are still my go-to place for finding creative/fun people. A lot of obnoxious people as well, but I'll take those over the thousands of bots and afkers.
  10. Prims have a minimum size limit of 0.01 meters which isn't always small enough. Having an infinitely thin surface has its own appeal. Flat prim cubes still have their 6 sides that you have to hide. And even though they can be further sliced to 2% of 0.01m, you're forced to use a particular orientation for the cube (+Z forward) instead of +X as you normally would, which causes headaches for scripts. With mesh panels, you also have the convenience of being able to set a single texture for both sides at the same time (perhaps flipped on the other side to keep text readable), again making scripts simpler.
  11. You can already edit your camera position to achieve what you want. Crosshair not included, but there's not much you could do with that anyway. I guess some viewer could implement a different camera position for mouselook to get closer to what you mean, but that has a lot of headaches involved when it comes to how scripts are supposed to work with mouselook.
  12. The Maitreya HUD has 26 unique textures. That's a lot of surface area. Specifically, the HUD alone has 129 sqm of texture.
  13. Also C) "I need custom textures for these pre-existing avatar parts which may or may not come with a devkit."
  14. This? https://blog.machinimatrix.org/avatar-workbench/ Just click on the download links, there are no restrictions.
  15. That is true, some people have started paying attention to how complex their avatars are. That's good. But those people are going by the complexity numbers according to the current algorithm, which is the part that I call worthless. The numbers aren't just imprecise, they're way off. You'll get completely opposite results often. Relatively simple objects skyrocket because of the way things are added up, while very complex objects are able to abuse those same calculations to get away with very small complexity numbers. I don't think a large number of the people who have started thinking about their complexity because of ARC have any idea how to estimate an object's complexity by eye (including looking at the wireframe) or with other tools in the viewer (like the inspector, texture resolutions, etc.) and they shouldn't have to!
  16. I recall this being the case in the past, and I believe viewers still report ARC to the server so it's technically possible, but last time I went through the ARC algorithm, i saw no "personal variables" based on your own computer's capabilities. The cost was flatly calculated, and beyond silly in how easy it's to misuse both ways. It's a completely worthless system.
  17. How would you implement rapid-fire weapons? What about accidentally clicking other scripted objects? Also, touching things while in mouselook makes your cursor visible and blocks your ability to turn the camera while the button is pressed, since it begins the "grab" state. Launching physical projectiles is just a convention I think a lot of people are used to, even though raycast should be a lot more efficient. But one of the problems with the way most people do raycast weapons is that there's no visual indicator for where somebody's firing from (assuming player-vs-player). There are workarounds for it, but I haven't seen many people actually implement them.
  18. Here's the regularly scheduled remainder: Avatar Complexity is a completely useless metric. Low or high number doesn't prove good or bad. There have been updates, mainly for the tail and fingers. They use the new bento-bones now, rather than separate static meshes. A bento version of the head (along with other kemono-compatible ones) were also recently released, but sold separately from the body. With the Fitted Torso addon, pretty much every slider will function.
  19. There are plenty of variations of these mesh panels already uploaded. Free and fullperm, with proper physics: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Display-Panels-05-LI/19358603
  20. I genuinely don't understand. Are you saying that "2FA shouldn't be implemented because my account has never been compromised (or the chance is negligible)?" Like.. is that it? We don't need additional security because you don't think security is currently a problem? How do you assume 2FA is going to work? Do you think it'll be mandatory? How many have you used? What are you arguing against?
  21. I think the worst-case scenario described by @Quistess Alpha for this function is acceptable. Requiring permissions and the presence of either party is more than enough to curb the most likely/common abuse a function like this might have. Though, I wonder if it would be better or worse (for utility) if the presence of agent_id was required instead of either. (Also, thanks for asking before implementing, @Rider Linden!)
  22. Z-fighting is caused by floating point errors in the rendering process. The closer things are, the harder it becomes to reliably calculate which side is in front. But how far things are from the camera/world origin also factors in. The larger numbers you start with, the bigger that error threshold becomes.
  23. It's a self-serving fantasy in most cases. But not everybody is into foreplay, or roleplaying it. It's also not unreasonable to assume that if you're both RPing sex, being wet is a given. But I know the type you're talking about and those people just can't communicate.
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