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  1. The no-copy objects would not be able to be modified. It's not the answer I wanted, but is what I was fearing. Returning them to lost and found may be my only option, though that does run the risk of some being lost in translation, as it were. Thanks to you both with your quick answers.
  2. Hello! I am looking to see if there is an lsl function, or combination of functions, in theory, that I can use to have one object (think vacuum?) pull other specific no-copy objects into it's own inventory. All of these owned by the same toon of course. I'm just looking for the act itself, i can do the figuring out which objects to pull and where later. Closest things I can think of is either just plain returning the no-copy objects to the owner's lost and found, or pulling the no-copy objects to a certain point(s) on the sim, neither of which I'd rather do, as opening the box and seeing said no-copy objects already inside would be MUCH easier. Thankies for any ideas! Rosa~~
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