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  1. go in " Appearance- Edit Skin, when you see the New Skin in thr Windows, than TP to a sim what have less lag and restart viewer
  2. Hello, Omega have a Support group, please join this, for help, or give more info what Kit you have from Omega and how you have install it
  3. go to: Preferences- Sound & Media - click: Manage Media List, than pop a window on, in this you can select what you want Unblock
  4. Hello, i search info about : "Account on hold due for administrative purposes" by login, on the Knowledge Base side is no info about it, my Sim Partner have this message by try to login in SL webside account and she have no Email from LL about this
  5. Much thanks for this LL, i will set a link and donation box on my sim, gives a script from LL for the donation box what send the Linden directly to LL?
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