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    September Update

    The mentality of "I can say as I please about you because I don't know you" is pathetic and grade school level. 

    Last thing I'm going to bother saying. At this point it is a waste of time to bother. Yes, be rude and abraisive to anyone that doesn't see things your way. Call them names and shrugs off their opinions. Why? Because only your opinion and experience matter.

    There is a difference between a feature being added and a feature being manditory. No matter how you spin the words they aren't one in the same. Be it mesh or the new profiles, you do not have to use them. You can continue on with your Second Life as if neither came into being rather easily. Yes, in the early days of the profiles there were privacy issues. However, now you can simply turn your feed off or put the settings as they're needed. I do not see how this is force as much as an over reaction to change.

    Yes, Linden Labs needs to work on better over all customer service and support. Yes, Linden Labs need to shift some focus from new registrants to those of us whom have been Residents from months to several years. Yes, Linden Labs needs to generate lasting interest in Premium accounts. Yes, the viewer has some major issues that need fixing. Yes, land is still too expensive in terms of set up and in the following tier. The long and the short of it is: Yes, there are still numerous problems. The back log of things to be changed, fixed and added as time goes on is likely massive. The fact that there is forward momentum at all is a huge change. Just like there is no perfect platform there is no magic bullet that will instantly solve all of the issues and ease all of the discontent (and flat out ignorance).

    Before we start pointing fingers at the current C.E.O lets think back on what the previous C.E.O did that we're still seeing the affects of: Like firing the majority of Second Life's staff (mainly over seas) and being the cause for a handful of known names at the Labs to simply up and quit. Let us not forget that it was under M.Linden's watch and decion that the debacle with homesteads (and land sales in general) happened. Saying that you are dissapointed in the current C.E.O for the aftermath of the previous C.E.O's decision is senseless. Take a moment to actually put two and two together: The new C.E.O has been at the helm how long and for what changes?

    Second Life has little to no customer service? Maybe that has something to do with their not being enough staff? Service was sub par before, yes. But after M.Linden sacked and ran it took a total nose dive. I am not saying that the complaints are unjustified (mind, some of them really are). What I am saying is to put your blame where it is due, not on whomever has taken up the reigns or whatever employee (or in the case of particular posters here, other Residents) you come upon. The customer is occasionally right. Some customers know the difference between need and want. The majority, however, haven't the slightest clue of the difference nor do they care. The key phrase was already said: Within reason. While some things asked are within reason the time frame and execution aren't. Yes, Linden Labs is a business; however, there are differences between the kind of business they run and other businesses. They can't afford to not listen to their users, yes. Just like they can't afford to always listen to their users.

    No one is saying that everything is coming up entirely roses, that Linden Labs is perfection in everything they do and have done. What some of us are saying is that we're liking the forward momentum and the recent changes that have come in their wake.

    Really, taking up arms in every update posted here will not get you anywhere. You have to pick and choose your battles properly. What is the topic of this post? Is your post on topic or is it wildly off topic?

    I, personally, totally agree with Lillani. Pay for Premuim or don't, that is your call. 

    That said, I'm done.

    September Update

    Linjoy, I think I'll spare us both some agitation and simply let you continue on your rant. If you don't want Premium, fine

    At the mention of E3 I do think it is high time that perhaps Linden Labs actually put themselves out there and started attending conventions and conferences that aren't their own. Most of what is out there is fairly negative or less than flattering press. Mind you a lot of that is generated not only from outsiders but also from within--typically by misinformed or otherwise jilted Residents (current as well as former). 

    Second Life has as many faces and uses as Residents. It is good that they've begun spotlighting;however, the light needs to be kept strong and Residents could use to be better informed, better spoken and far more compasionate. I feel a huge amount of shame and even upset when I see Residents attacking Linden Labs and it's employees. No, it isn't a perfect platform-- there is no such thing. Yes, things can become rather frustrating-- but this isn't limited to Second Life. However, Linden Labs and their employees are people. For all of these updates that are rife with baseless complaints and eye rolling-- someone had to take the time to write it. For all the updates and fixes that are met with cries of "But I didn't want this" or "This isn't enough" -- there is a team of programmers that spent hours, days, weeks, months and even years of their time.

    There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and voicing it, we are all entitled to it. But before you start typing take a moment to think about it. Are you as informed as you could be? Are the words you are using appropriate?  If they aren't, take another few minutes to think things over (and maybe revise) before you hit the post button. Constructive critisim gets better results.

    Thank you Tegg and La for well thought words and good points.

    September Update

    I was going to write a long post but decided against it. Instead I will say this:

    An update is an update, no matter how minor or useless it seems to you personally. Transparency and timely updates are two things that are being done right.

    If you can not take the time to learn how something works, bite back your complaints. With given settings you can deny or grant viewing access or just don't use the feed at all. It isn't being forced on you.

    Many Residents have asked for many years that Premium accounts get more perks. To be upset because you opted in a few hours before a sale is childish. Why not just go the full mile and cancel your Second Life account as a whole?

    You don't want to go Premium? Fine, have at it. No one is twisting your arm. The line "____ shot themselves in the foot" is not only tired but hardly the case here. While you won't pay, someone else either will or already has been for some time. Oh, and so you know if you have a real life business there are people outside of Second Life that would and could steal your information. Any sense of security you have is false as identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

  1. To be honest the issue ends up being good idea with a less than great implementation. I am all for the increase in groups and better functionality with the new viewer. But even as someone that has long wanted some method of changing names, display names feels rather unfinished/unpolished. I understand and share the worries over identity theft, it is a serious issue. For all the people that will use the system properly there are even more people that will abuse it,that is sadly the nature of the internet.

    I think that Linden Labs employees are listening, the problem is getting the higher ups to give them the time and green light. If Management throws their weight around there is nothing that an employed Linden *can* do. Programmers and Q&A/PR are typically separated for a reason, to let the programmers do their job while the Q&A/PR make user questions, comments,suggestions and complaints into a working to-do list.

    To quell the justified worries of the users Linden Labs would have to do things that would make a number of people upset, but then again that is the nature of the beast--you can't please everyone.

    Name changes should not only be a paid service ($L500-$L1,000 per change) but only available to users holding a premium account with up-to-date/accurate payment information and/or age verification. Much like there are groups with an anti-griefing fee, Display Names should use this same mentality.  While having to pay won't deter any and all trouble makers it will at least deter some.

    Display names, as they are, are nothing more than glorified titlers. Let the titlers do the talking and the Display names be display names. I, personally, do think that having the person's account name listed is a good thing--but there is a such thing as over doing it. Account name should be listed, perhaps in the First Life section (which hardly anyone uses to talk about their First Life, it is a second About me tab). Having the account name listed when muting ,sending an abuse report or checking your friend list is great. But having it everywhere, well, eye sore and clutter. Name settings should be: Display Name (only) or Account Name (only) right now it is a cluttered mess of options. It can look like this: (Flashing Titler), Group Name, Display Name and Name. Some people like attention and will draw it to themselves as much as they can.

    I am not a Premium User as things stand. But if it were offered as a secure paid service I would consider it.

    I will say this: Everyone that is acting as if Display Names are the end of Second Life as we know it, this is just Linden Labs playing catch up. Services such as Steam have (User Name)/(Nick Name), the ability to change the display name. Actually, Linden Lab's competitors have it as well (IE: Blue Mars). Same song and dance, just the score is better written. Issue being that Blue Mars and other services REQUIRE real life information (by default) that LL does not ask for until there is cause (Age verification and payment information).

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