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  1. Get your store at our Adult Mall with wonderful beach location and increasing traffic every day. At the moment you pay 4 weeks and get 1 for free!!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Prime%20Treasure/64/193/21
  2. You don't have to apply. Simply visit our place, join the group and start dancing. Dancers keep 90% of the tips and get paid 1L per hour. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Prime%20Treasure/64/193/21
  3. This special offer can only be bought till 20th February. Gift your beloved a wonderful time in our hotel. The perfect date on Valentine's Day or for later. Or just have sexy hours together in one of our Skyboxes. Visit our inworld store or our marketplace to buy one free week of your choice in our Skybox Hotel with free unlimited access to all of our rooms. You can even reserve the week for someone else if you want. If you want to see the rooms before buying just visit the LM below. We offer 5mins for free to see the rooms. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Arctic%20Blue/216/157/22
  4. Check out Mija's newest room in her hotel. Relax, cuddle and have hot times in her Romantic Bath Skybox. Usually 25L/15min, 50L/30min, 90L/60min it is now 10L/15min, 25L/30min, 45L/60min, but only short time.
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