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  1. Okay so a fully-functioning paypal is set up as my main billing thing- and this morning I tried to buy L$. Didn't work online so I bought L$ in the viewer, about 2k. It did the thing where it closes the L$ box thing, showing that it worked, but I didn't get anything. I tried again and still nothing. What is happening? Ansariel: I checked and nothing came out, I still have my money in there.
  2. Alright so I'm trying to buy L$, approx. 2000. That is about $8.35 or something, and my paypal is set up and everything. It usually works but when I try to type in my password and enter it, it says this: We were unable to complete your request because: The password you entered does not match our records.Please try again. I made sure to type it in exactly and it is correct, it lets me log in with it but somehow it isn't working while buying Lindex. No, I am not being hacked. No one knows my password either. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello. Alright so it wouldn't let me paste anything I copied in SL so I was like ''Hm, better relog..'' So i tried to log in waited for a while and got a message that says ''Unable to connect to stimulator.'' I keep getting this message an I've tried logging in to other sims. It allows me to log on to an alt but not on my main. My connection is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with my computer. I haven't done anything bad ISL. Any suggestions? EDIT: After many times of trying I finally logged on to the sim Exeuxoa. I am now roaming SL. :3
  4. Alright so ever since i got a virus called OpenCloud security things have been weird. It has hidden most of my files and pictures, so I restored back to a previous time, made my files and photos visible, and cleared the virus. I had to reinstall Mozilla Firefox and tried the same for SL. My other game, Feralheart, wouldn't even start because of a missing file so I had to reinstall it and it worked. Frankly, reinstalling does NOT work for SL in my hands. I tried reinstalling in all different viewers and neither of them work! SLV2 gives me a message that goes like this... ''Display settings have
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