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  1. Blondin Linden wrote: Search Results Are Saved: Many of you have shared with us how you use search to discover your world and shop, and how you want your search results saved. We’ve all had this experience. We search for something, find an interesting event or place to go shopping, and then want to go back to our search results and find another place to go--but they are gone. When using the new Search, results are saved for 15 minutes so that you can easily go back and explore other options. Why are the results displayed in a time limited fashion and why 15 minutes? Yes, many have "shared" with you that the clearing of search results was one big pain so how is clearing them after 15 minutes going to be any less of a pain? It certainly takes me longer than 15 minutes to look round some shops and move on to the next. If it is impossible to make the results persist until they are cleared by the user, perhaps you need to go back to the drawing board, yet again. P.S. As a paying customer, when I'm forced to start using this, I absolutely do not want to see any spam "paid adverts" taking space away from real search results
  2. Facebook? No Thanks. Get rid of it... Seriously
  3. Yes thank you, Hitomi for pointing out that the actual factual valid forum for getting through to the Lindens about the viewer is held on Wednesdays from 8:00am to 9:00am PST, which of course is ever so convenient for me being that its 3am ~ 4am, and even if I was living in San Francisco, Wednesday morning is like "a work day" for normal regular folk. If I didn't know better I'd swear the Lindens were just playing "move the goal posts" ... "Report it to the JIRA and vote, no wait, voting that's no good, did we say JIRA? We have started a special thread in the forums and are watching the feedback carefully. Oh, hang on 8,000 negative posts did we say the forums? Gee wiz your opinions are imporant to us, please comment on the blog, no no , now the public can see all the disappointment too easily. Sign up to be data mined on Twitter and send your thoughts to #slviewer2, negative again, well you can get up and come talk to us at 3 in the morning, and use voice so you, the customer, can listen with horrified nausea as a Linden chews an apple in your ear while you try to talk to them. And believe us when we say your opinions matter!! This is the meeting for you!. Oh, just btw if you dont get up at 3am and come talk to the Wizard of Id and tug on your forelock in complete supplication while you do, it will be your fault the viewer is broken.. And if we can all just hold out to thursday, we'll all be off on holidays" Sorry, I know you try to help Hitomi, there's just been too many of these "display names" type decisions for me to take the lab seriously anymore. They have their master plan, and I get the feeling their lives would be so much easier if they got no feedback at all. Really that the Lindens ask for feedback and opinions on top of the hundreds of thousands of words that have already been submitted as feedback is rather disingenuous.
  4. I have come away with such a warm feeling now. I saw so many avatars with the same second name. Apearently the Resident family is haveing a reunion in Second Life... All new residents will now be Residents. Oh, God, you mean, if you have the display name feature turned off, or are using 1.23 or a 1.x based viewer, you see all the new accounts as "Accountname Resident"" ...Oh god that's the funniest thing I've heard all day...
  5. I'd like to know when this new log in stuff will become mandatory too. It's obviously not working right yet. I can still log in with 1.23 without changing anything and I can log into comment here by just typing "Lloyd Knoller" into the single name field. I was under the impression that older customers that didnt want to use this twee new names feature could continue to log in old style and would not be forced to change, but it seems I might be wrong, and that everyone will be getting a "dot" I am not at all "delighted" about this stuff, but I do find it typical
  6. I was hoping that V2 would reach acceptable levels ( you know, where the most complained about things were fixed, not half fixed (VWR-20694), not fixed wrong (VWR-17001/VWR-17106) or just deemed unimportant ) on or about March 28th 2011 two years after it was first announced, but no, with every release I get a little more disappointed.
  7. lufpleh Obstreperous said: "Amazing contrast in the tone of the comments in comparison to when 2.0 came out." My silence on this topic should not be construed as approval.
  8. Quick thoughts, sorry if they've been mentioned already: 1) I think mesh imports in the long term will be fantastic, in the short term it will probably be fantastically chaotic. I've been thinking about Moore's law and SL, just recently (whether it's actually true or not, I don't know, but people believe computing power doubles every 18 months "things should be twice as fast by now!" they say, I've heard them). Its been a long time since any worth while progress for the average user could be said to have happened in SL, for example SIM crossings haven't got twice as good in the last 18 months (yes I know SIM crossing depends on more than the number of transistors you can stuff onto a processor but the public doesn't care about that they want results) mesh imports could be the wow thing. 2) I wonder about standardization benefits of certain meshes. People have been asking, and pleading with, LL for a long time now for a better avie mesh. Sooner or later someone is going to figure out how to import, a (more) realistic, created or borrowed or stolen, human mesh to replace the default avie mesh. Now imagine what will happen if 2 or 3 or 5 or 167 vendors do this, say each mesh is good, each is popular, each has it own UV map, a skin texture (or dynamic, or conforming mesh shirt or pants or skirt) made to fit one wont fit any of the others. Skin makers will have to paint skins for each different avie body UV. 3) If a realistic avie replacement (or the standard LL avie mesh for that matter) is to be dressed in mesh clothes, the morph channels in the avie will have to be reproduced in the clothes. If you (the end user) dials up a butt size of 79, with a width of 58 in the avie the corresponding morphs have to be contained in the clothing otherwise you'll get poke throughs and of course the channels will be different for each avie mesh vendor 4) I've had a few years experience with different versions of the Poser program and Daz3D, Rendo and other mesh vendors which is as "fast, easy and fun" as dressing 3d scenes and 3d rendering gets. And I'm not sure just how LL is going to get the ease of DazStudio, or Poser, into SL for the end user that just wants to dress up their avie in cool new clothes.. anyway it will be interesting
  9. T Linden wrote: "The introduction of Viewer 2 in public beta did not have a meaningful impact on the Second Life economy in Q1 2010, though we will drill down on the impact of Viewer 2 and the investments in the New User Experience in the Q2 2010 economy post." I would just like to add my voice too those that have noticed that there are no viewer 2 figures released to the public. I am disappointed. (even if those figures were just numbers of v2 / v1 / TPV users it would have been informative)
  10. I'm assuming ... failure is still an option, right?
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